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Snehapoorvam Scholarship 2024 - Form, Amount & Last Date


Government of Kerala

Scholarship Level:



Scholarship Category:

Provider Type

Scholarship Amount

₹ 3,600 to 12,000 Per Year

Course Names

School Programme

Contact Details

1800 120 1001, 0471-2341200

Last Date

31st October every year

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About Snehapoorvam Scholarship Malayalam

The Snehapoorvam Scholarship stands out because of its deeply rooted compassion toward uplifting the orphaned children in the state of Kerela. The underlying agenda of the department is to provide for those children who have lost either/both parents and are in dire need of financial and emotional support. Apart from being a financial supporter, the department strives to ensure social protection and communal bonds so that such vulnerable children are not left alone to battle life's challenges.

At the heart of the snehapoorvam scholarship malayalam lies the noble mission to address their basic needs and foster holistic development. The program aims to improve access to education, facilitate social integration and ensure adequate nutrition for the scholarship claimants through targeted interventions. The initiative aims to create a more equitable and inclusive society where every child can thrive by elevating their well-being to match their peers.

In conclusion, the scholarship is not just another scheme that circles funding the education of the students; it is launched to spread a sense of belongingness for these children. The department aspires to invest in the education and well-being of children who have lost the bread-earner of their family. The scholarship is a classic example of transforming individuals and strengthening the community's social fabric.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarship

The snehapoorvam scholarship Malayalam aims to cover many disadvantaged children for educational growth. Applications are accepted on the following eligibility criteria.

  1. Children who have lost either father or mother or both.
  2. Enrollment in the classes from 1st to degree courses, as applicable.
  3. Studying in government-run or government-aided study institutions. 
  4. Belongingness to the BPL (Below the Poverty Line) category.
  5. Children belonging to the APL (Above the Poverty Line) category may also be eligible subject to the condition that the annual family income is below Rs. 20,000 in rural areas (Local body / Gram Panchayat) and below Rs. 22,375 in urban areas (Corporation / Municipality).
  6. Domiciled in the state of Kerela is also part of the criteria. However, students from other states should check this mandate's latest notification for relaxation. 

Note: The department also launches grants for children below the age of 5 years. Please check the official website for official communication in this regard.

Benefits of Scholarship

This scheme offers a different range of benefits as per the course of study requirement. A detailed spread of the funds for students selected for this scholarship is below.

Class/Age Group Amount of Scholarship
Children below 5 years and Class I to V Rs. 300/- per month
Class VI to Class X Rs. 500/- per month
Class XI and Class XII Rs. 750/- per month
Degree courses / professional degree Rs. 1000/- per month

Selection Criteria for Snehapoorvam Scholarship

Keeping in mind the motive to look after the education and overall welfare of the orphan kids, the selection criteria of the snehapoorvam scholarship Malayalam is kept simple. It includes the following quick steps.

  1. Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria are shortlisted.
  2. The concerned department evaluates the applications and the documents attached.
  3. Enrollment with the government-run or aided institutions is verified.
  4. Selected students are communicated and given the funds every month.

Application Process of  Scholarship

The offline and online modes are adopted to receive applications for this scheme. Glance at the steps to apply for the Snehapoorvam Scholarship, which is as follows.

  1. Visit the official website to check the eligibility criteria. The link to the official website is Scroll down a little, and you will see the option KSSM SCHEMES. Click on the SNEHAPOORVAM SCHEME.
  2. Download the snehapoorvam scholarship form and print it. Fill out the details as asked and submit the same along with all the necessary documents to the head of Aided/Govt. institutions 
  3. The head of the institution will then go through the applications, verify the particulars, and submit the same through the online portal to the Executive Director of Kerala Social Security Mission. 
  4. It is to be noted that children below the age of 5 years can directly apply to the Executive Director of Kerala Social Security Mission with the help of their respective Child Welfare Committees.

Documents Required for Scholarship

While filling out the form for the snehapoorvam scholarship Malayalam, the applicants (or the Child Welfare Committees, as applicable) must ensure that they attach the essential documents for further consideration of their application. Checking for any additional requirements mentioned in the application form released officially is advised.

Sr. No. Document Name
1. Domicile certificate issued by the relevant authority.
2. Proof of enrolment in classes 1st to degree courses (as applicable) such as fee receipt, institution identity card, or any other certificate by the relevant authority.
3. Income certificate issued by the relevant authority.
4. Details of the death of either parent, including the certificate issued by the relevant authority.
5. Identity proof of the student duly issued by the government, such as an Aadhaar card.
6. Passport-size photograph of the student.
7. Other relevant documents are specified in the scholarship guidelines.

Snehapoorvam Scholarship Last Date

As per the official website, the snehapoorvam scholarship last date is fixed to be 31st October every year for the given academic year. However, interested applicants should keep an eye on the same for any changes or extensions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the Snehapoorvam Scholarship?

This scheme is dedicated only to the orphan students of the state of Kerela, studying in the classes from 1st to degree courses in institutes either run or aided by the government. They should also adhere to the financial limits as prescribed to be eligible for the grants.

Is there a specific income limit for applicants to qualify for the scholarship?

Only children who fall into the BPL (Below Poverty Line) can apply. APL (Above Poverty Line) category students can also apply provided that the annual income of the family is below Rs. 20,000 in rural areas (Local body / Gram Panchayat) and below Rs. 22,375 in urban areas (Corporation / Municipality).

Which course is eligible for this scholarship?

The snehapoorvam scholarship malayalam typically covers students pursuing studies in the class 1st to degree courses. Currently, there is no restriction as to which specific degree courses are excluded. Thus, the grant is likely available irrespective of the course the students pursue.

Where can I get the snehapoorvam scholarship form?

Prospective applicants can go to the official website and get the application form by clicking at the official link and typing the name of the scholarship in the search bar. Alternatively, they can also download the same by visiting However, students are advised to check the latest update for any changes.

What can I do if I am not eligible for the Snehapoorvam scholarship?

Candidates not meeting the eligibility criteria of the Snehapoorvam scholarship can apply for other schemes. These may include the DCE scholarship and the NSP Scholarship.

What should I do if I miss the scholarship application date?

Those who could not apply for the scholarship within the deadline can apply for student personal loans with reliable financing institutes like Propelld etc. Such financial institutions extend help instantly and cover a wide range of students and courses. 

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