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E-grantz Scholarship 2024 - Portal, Eligibility & Last Date


Government of Kerala

Scholarship Level:



Scholarship Category:

Provider Type

Scholarship Amount

₹ 100 to 1,500 Per Student

Course Names

Degree and Professional Courses

Contact Details

0471-2737252, 0471-2727378, 0471-2303229

Last Date

15th September 2024

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About E-grantz Scholarship

The E-Grantz scholarship is a financial aid program to support student's education. It offers scholarships to deserving candidates based on various criteria such as academic merit, financial need, and community involvement. Applicants need to complete an online application form before the E-Grantz scholarship last date and provide supporting documents. Recipients may receive funds for covering tuition fees, books, supplies, and other educational expenses. The E-Grantz scholarship program aims to make education more accessible and affordable for students from diverse backgrounds.

List of Schemes/Scholarships

The E-grantz Scholarship typically offers financial assistance to students based on various criteria such as academic merit, financial need, and other eligibility requirements. It is a centralized scheme that covers the pre and post-matric educational needs of SC, ST, and OBC communities in Kerala. With a centralized scholarship application system, it offers sufficient E-Grantz scholarship amounts for degree students. It empowers the students to dream big. 

E grantz Scholarship Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the E-grantz Scholarship program may vary depending on the specific scheme or scholarship offered. The general eligibility requirements include:

  1. Pre-matric pass certificate from a recognized board
  2. Admission must be under reservation/merit quota
  3. Minimum 75% attendance in the pre-matric classes
  4. Must have domicile of Kerala
  5. Must belong to the SC, ST, or OBC category
  6. There are no income criteria for SC students. ST and OBC students must have a family income of Rs. 1,00,000.
  7. The course must be higher secondary, Doctoral, Diploma, Polytechnic, etc.

Benefits of Scholarship

The E-Grantz Scholarship program offers comprehensive support to students. It extends the following benefits to the benefactors.

E grantz Scholarship for SC and OBC Students

Provides direct financial assistance through DBT to cover tuition, books, and living expenses. The E-Grantz scholarship amount for OBC, SC, and ST vary. 

Category Education Type Distance (from residence) Amount
SC/ST Professional course Day Scholar < 8 kms Rs. 630
Day Scholar > 8 kms Rs. 750
Hosteller - Rs. 1500
OBC +2 Courses Day Scholar - Rs. 160
Professional course Day Scholar - Rs. 200
Hosteller - Rs. 250
Polytechnic course Day Scholar - Rs. 100
Hosteller - Rs. 150

Mentorship Programs

It pairs the students with experienced professionals for guidance and support. It helps them elevate their career and academic journey.

Career Guidance

Students gain access to resources and workshops for career planning and development. It gives them industry exposure and helps them prepare for interviews.

Networking Opportunities

It facilitates connections with professionals, scholars, and alumni via events and workshops for student's benefit.

Access to Resources

It grants access to educational materials and research databases. It enhances their academic capabilities and knowledge base.


Being selected as an E-grantz Scholar brings prestige and recognition. It boosts their resumes, leaving a positive impact.

Community Engagement

Students are encouraged to engage in community service and initiatives, fostering leadership skills and a sense of responsibility.

Selection Process

The selection process for the E-Grantz Scholarship typically involves several stages:

  1. Application Submission: Students interested in the scholarship must submit their applications through the designated portal before the E-Grantz scholarship last date. 
  2. Documentation: They must provide personal information, academic records, financial details, income and address proof, and other required documents.
  3. Review and Screening: Reviewers evaluate each application based on predetermined criteria. After the initial review, a handful of candidates get a chance.
  4. Notification: Selected candidates receive notification of their scholarship award status. They receive details about the scholarship amount, terms and conditions, etc. 
  5. Acceptance and Disbursement: The recipients must accept the scholarship offer within a specified timeframe. Once complete, the scholarship funds disburse.

E grantz Scholarship Login

The E-grantz scholarship amount for degree students comes after you apply to receive the benefits. The following are the steps to apply for the E-grantz scholarship:

  1. Visit the E-Grantz 3.0 portal and click on the ‘One-Time Registration’ button. 
  2. Provide your Aadhaar number and name (as on Aadhaar), then click ‘Validate Aadhaar’.
  3. Fill in additional details and then click ‘Register’. Once complete, go to the home page.
  4. Log in to the user dashboard using the registered email ID and password.
  5. Upon successful login, complete the profile by filling in all required details.
  6. You must give accurate information on the basics, other details, bank, upload, and institution details.
  7. After completing the profile, click ‘Apply for Scholarships – Post-Matric’.
  8. A list of scholarships eligible for application will appear; select the desired scholarship.
  9. Fill in all required details and upload supporting documents.
  10. Review the details you have given and submit the application form.

E grantz Scholarship Documents Required

Every scholarship requires you to have documents for their smooth processing. The following are the must-have documents for the E-Grantz scholarship application process:

  1. Identity proof (Adhaar, PAN card, Driving licence, etc.)
  2. School mark sheets and certificates
  3. Income proof of the family
  4. Admission proof into a recognized university
  5. Category proof 
  6. Domicile of Kerala 

Scholarship Application Status Tracking Procedure

To track the status of their E-grantz scholarship application, applicants can utilize the online E-Grantz 3.0 portal provided by the scholarship program. After submitting their application, applicants will receive login credentials to access the portal. Once logged in, they can navigate to the "Application Status", where they will find updates on the progress of their application. Applicants may receive notifications via email or the portal regarding any updates or requests for further information. You can also contact the officials using the helpline number.

Renewal Process

The students receive a google form link for the renewal process of the E-grantz application. Every student must fill in the form without altering the year of the course. Check the E-Grantz scholarship last date for the renewal form and fill it out to avail of the benefit. A student can only apply for one scholarship benefit at a time. Once the renewal completes, the candidate receives the approval notification on their dashboard in the portal.

E grantz Scholarship Last Date

Application end date 15th September 2024

Disbursement History

The E-grantz scholarship has helped over 3 Lakh students in Kerala to achieve their dreams. A widespread choice of institutions and courses grants students the direct benefit. The amount goes directly to the students online, which they can further use for varied education purposes. Once the student renews the application, the benefit restarts.

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E grantz Scholarship Amount

The EBC Scholarship offers a generous amount of ₹ 100 to 1,500 per year to support students in their educational pursuits. This financial aid can make a significant difference in covering your academic expenses, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-grantz Scholarship?

E-grantz Scholarship is an online platform designed to streamline the process of managing scholarship programs. It offers tools for students of Kerala and allows them for application management, review, selection, and award administration.

How does E-grantz benefit scholarship providers?

E-grantz simplifies the scholarship management process by providing a centralized platform for accepting applications, managing reviews, communicating with applicants, and tracking awards. It enhances efficiency, transparency, and accountability in scholarship administration.

Is E-grantz suitable for managing both merit-based and need-based scholarship programs?

Yes. E-Grantz supports various scholarship programs, including merit-based, need-based, and other criteria-specific scholarships. It offers the details in a single window. You can look through and choose the scholarship that fits the best.

What do I need to apply for E-grantz scholarship?

Generally, the need for various scholarships varies. The following are the general documents needed for the scholarship:

  1. Identity proof (Adhaar, PAN card, Driving licence, etc.)
  2. School mark sheets and certificates
  3. Income proof of the family
  4. Admission proof into a recognized university
  5. Category proof 
  6. Domicile of Kerala 

Who can apply for the E-grantz scholarship?

The E-grantz scholarship is primarily for pre and post-matric students of Kerala who belong to the SC, ST, and OBC communities. Anyone with a domicile in Kerala who fulfils the academic and other criteria can apply for the scholarship. 

How do I apply for the E-grantz scholarship?

To apply for the E-grantz scholarship, interested candidates must visit the official website E-Grantz 3.0 portal before the E-Grantz scholarship last date. Click on one-time registration, log in to your account, and follow the instructions to complete and submit the online application form.

How are recipients selected for the E-grantz scholarship?

Recipients are selected based on various factors, including academic merit, financial need, leadership potential, and alignment with the goals of the scholarship program. Primarily, it is a merit-based. 

When will I know if I am in for the E-grantz scholarship?

Once the application completes, you can check the portal every now and then for your application status. Scholarship recipients typically receive notification of their award status after the selection process completes. You receive the notification via email or through the scholarship portal. 

How much financial aid does the E-grantz scholarship provide?

The amount of financial aid of the E-grantz scholarship program varies. The students receive different amounts depending on their category, type of education, and choice of the course. It ranges from Rs. 100 to 1500.

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