Why MBA?

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can advance a professional's career options, raise earnings, and result in promotions. An MBA can provide you with the information and abilities you need to launch a new company, and many organisations need an MBA for key management or leadership roles. With an HBS MBA industry immersion programme you gain real-time experience and skills in the corporate world through a 30-day internship and 60-day project work in reputed industries.

In addition to hosting internships, HBS has a dedicated Centre for Career Development which hosts mixers and panels where you may network with people from the business community and beyond. They will also hold networking events where prospective employers will come and meet you and your fellow students.

MBA Job Positions in Finance

The finance specialisation gives you the skills to analyse corporate financial performance, assess societal trends, and choose investments. Students who choose to specialise in finance in their HBS MBA programme will take classes in venture capital, corporate financial modelling, banking, portfolio management, international finance, and corporate finance, among other topics. Job options you can consider after gan MBA graduation in Finance:

  1. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  2. Finance Manager
  3. Accounting Manager
  4. Digital marketing manager
  5. Credit Analyst

MBA Job Positions in Marketing

Students that specialise in this field will learn about market research, customer behaviour, product creation, advertising, branding, and sales tactics. This sector also highly values soft skills like relationship management and communication.

Retail Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Integrated Marketing, Service Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management, Product and Brand Management, and Digital Marketing are just a few of the courses that students specialising in marketing in an HBS MBA will study.

  1. Brand Manager
  2. Media Manager
  3. Advertising Manager
  4. Product Manager
  5. Digital Marketing Manager

MBA Job Positions in Operations

With an HBS MBA in marketing, you will learn how to maximise corporate resources, create process flows, plan production, construct supply chains and logistics, manage suppliers, monitor quality control, and achieve continual operational efficiency improvement.

  1. Operations Manager
  2. Product Analyst
  3. Supply chain Manager
  4. Inventory Manager
  5. Quality Analyst

MBA Job Positions in Human Resources

Labour Legislation, Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare, Managerial Behaviour and Effectiveness, Organisational Theory, and Strategic Human Resource Management are some courses you'll take while pursuing an MBA in Human Resources. Since every business requires human resource managers, those with an MBA in Human Resources can find employment at small businesses and major corporations across all industries.

  1. Finance manager
  2. Research Analyst
  3. Risk analyst
  4. Budget analyst
  5. Advisor

MBA Job Positions in Business Analytics

Hallmark Business School trains you in Advanced Database Management, Data Mining for Business Intelligence, E-Business Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Software Project Management, yielding you employment in government, educational, financial, and software development sectors. With an MBA in Business Analytics, you can pursue careers like:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Analytics Consultant
  3. Marketing Analyst 
  4. Compliance Analyst
  5. Supply Chain Analyst

Placement Through HBS

The Centre for Career Development at HBS equips students to meet industry expectations closing the skills gap between students and industry requirements. CCD does this by providing opportunities for students to speak with professionals from the field, a greater degree of industry integration in the form of MDPs, industry visits, conclaves, an internship in reputable firms, and consultancy projects. Through seminars, personality development programmes, conclaves, alumni engagement, and counselling, CCD helps students determine their interests, skills, and the best career route. To succeed in the hiring process, CCD gives students thorough training in MS Excel, group discussions, and personal interviews.

The students are trained through 30 days of internship and 60 days of project work in reputed corporations as a part of experiential learning. The B-School prepares the student with a skill set that matches industry requirements. HBS is often visited by ITC, Nestle, IDFC First, KPMG, etc. At graduation, the average salary package offered is ₹3 lakh.

Hallmark Business School Alumni Association

The yearly reunion of the alumni association is known as Sangamam. The HBS Alumni Association meetup offers a venue for business and social networking, encouraging past students to stay in touch. The HBS Alumni association creates a platform that  encourages former students to continue to be interested in and active with HBS. It also acts as a tool for graduates to further develop themselves via networking and sharing opportunities.

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