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JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 2024

Aspiring to join prestigious institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is a common goal for many engineering aspirants. It takes years of hard work, dedication and toil to secure an admission in one of these institutes. 

Once the exam is over, aspirants wait eagerly for their rank since that is the sole deciding factor of their admission in their dream institutes. However, predicting one's rank in the highly competitive JEE Advanced exam can be challenging. That's where Propelld JEE Advanced Rank Predictor comes in. 

Our innovative tool utilizes advanced algorithms and data analysis to estimate your probable rank based on your JEE Advanced exam scores. This is a great help in planning your academic journey effectively. Simply input your exam scores, and let our tool forecast your potential rank, guiding you towards your dream engineering career. 

Lets know more about this tool and how you can get your accurate rank prediction with it: 

How Does the Propelld JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 2024 Work?

Propelld JEE Advanced Rank Predictor uses complex algorithms to generate an estimated rank based on your score and category. It uses historical data, scores and cut offs, compares your performance to the other candidates and generates a prediction based on those factors. 

Here is the typical functioning of a JEE Advanced Rank Predictor:

1. Performance Details Capture

Our rank predictor captures your score and category details. These are the basic factors among many others that are used to arrive on a predicted rank. 

2. Algorithm Usage

The rank predictor employs complex algorithms designed to analyze historical data, including previous years' JEE Advanced results, score distributions, and admission trends. It also takes into account the current year’s available data such as the number of applicants, the difficulty level of the exam etc. and then arrives at the most accurate predictions. 

3. Rank Estimation

By inputting your JEE Advanced exam scores into our predictor, it calculates your probable rank by comparing your performance with that of other candidates, historical data and other factors as mentioned above and then predicts your standing in the overall rank list.

Propelld JEE Advanced Rank Predictor helps in predicting your estimated rank and hence aids in arriving at an informed decision about college admission. 

Steps to Use JEE Advanced Rank Predictor for Free

Predicting your rank with our JEE Advanced Rank Predictor is simple and straightforward. Here are the simple steps to know your rank:

1. Visit the JEE Advanced Rank Predictor 2024 on Propelld’s website. 

The page looks like below: 

2. Input the required fields i.e., marks and category. Click on calculate. 

3. Once you click on calculate, the predictor gives you an estimated rank. 

JEE Advanced Rank Predictor- How to Calculate the Score?

So, we have been talking about inputting your score in the rank predictor to get your rank, but how do we calculate the score in the first place? You definitely need to have the correct score to predict your rank correctly. The more accurate your score is, the closer is your predicted rank. 

To calculate your score, you need to have the answer key and marking scheme of JEE advanced 2024. Here are the simple easy steps to calculate your JEE advanced scores:

  1. Access the answer key from the JEE advanced official website. 
  2. Download the JEE advanced question paper and response sheet. 
  3. Compare your responses with the correct answers. 
  4. Now, refer to the marking scheme. 
  5. Calculate your score by awarding for positive answers and deducting for negative answers as per the marking scheme. 
  6. After this calculation, you arrive at your predicted JEE advanced score.

Benefits of JEE Advanced Rank Predictor

It's always better to plan ahead for anything in life. Higher education is a major milestone and if we can plan ahead, it's certainly a great thing. That, being the core benefit of using JEE advanced rank calculator, here are the other major benefits: 

1. Strategic Planning

Gain valuable insights into your potential rank early in the admission process, allowing you to strategize effectively for counselling and seat allocation.

2. Informed Decision Making

When you know your predicted rank, you can make informed decisions regarding choice filling and preference selection for colleges and engineering branches based on your predicted rank.

3. Risk Mitigation

When you know your predicted rank, you can better identify your backup options and alternative courses of action in case your predicted rank is low and not as per your initial expectations. This not only minimises the risk of disappointment, but also prepares you better for the alternate path. 

4. Realistic Expectations

Since our rank predictor gives you a realistic projection of your standing in the exam, you can also have realistic expectations about your admission prospects, thus avoiding undue stress, anxiety and  disappointments associated with uncertainty of rank outcomes.

5. Resource Allocation

Once you know your rank, and the colleges that align with the rank, you can optimise your resources by focusing on those colleges and courses. Allocate resources efficiently, including time, money, and effort, with your predicted rank range.

Know about the fees, the hostel, stay requirements in the predicted colleges. Prepare your budget and resources accordingly. 

JEE Advanced Marks vs Rank 2024

The table below shows the ranks corresponding to marks as predicted for 2024. 

Marks All India Rank (AIR)
190+ 1-500
190-170 501-1000
170-155 1001-1500
154-145 1501-2000
146-135 2001-2500
136-130 2501-3000
129-125 3001-3500
124-120 3501-4000
119-115 4001-4500
114-110 4501-5000

JEE Advanced College Predictor Based on Rank

Here is the list of top 10 colleges and courses of JEE with their cut off ranks for 2023. 

Name of Institute Course Closing Rank 2023 (Round 1)
IIT Bombay B.Tech in CSE 66
IIT Delhi B.Tech in CSE 115
IIT Madras B.Tech in CSE 144
IIT Delhi Integrated B.Tech+M.Tech in CSE 185
IIT Kanpur B.Tech in CSE 215
IIT Kharagpur B.Tech (Hons.) in CSE 261
IIT Bombay B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 463
IIT Delhi B.Tech in Maths and Computer Engineering 350
IIT Delhi Integrated B.Tech+M.Tech in Maths and Computing 429
IIT Roorkee B.Tech in CSE 396

JEE Advanced Cutoff 2024 for Each Category

Rank List Minimum % Marks in Each Subject Minimum % Aggregate Marks
CRL 10.0 35.0
Gen-EWS 9.0 31.5
OBC-NCL 9.0 31.5
SC 5.0 17.5
ST 5.0 17.5
PwD 5.0 17.5
Preparatory Course 2.5 8.75

JEE Main Rank Predictor from Percentile 2024

The following table shows the predicted JEE mains ranks for the corresponding percentiles: 

Percentile Score CRL (Common Rank List) All India Rank
100.0000000 - 99.9986893 1-50
99.9986893 - 99.9960638 51-100
99.9960638 - 99.9880635 101-200
99.9880635 - 99.9653134 201-500
99.9653134 - 99.9213162 501-1000
99.9213162 - 99.8791833 1001-1500
99.8791833 - 99.8372675 1501-2000
99.8372675 - 99.7923244 2001-2500
99.7923244 - 99.7474427 2501-3000
99.7474427 - 99.7064984 3001-3500
99.7064984 - 99.6635662 3501-4000
99.6635662 - 99.6200277 4001-4500
99.6158952 - 99.5786481 4501-5000
99.5786481 - 99.4929145 5001-6000
99.4929145 - 99.4065729 6001-7000
99.4065729 - 99.3236676 7001-8000
99.3236676 - 99.2422322 8001-9000
99.2422322 - 99.1477010 9001-10000
99.1477010 - 98.7245543 10001-15000
98.7245543 - 98.2844026 15001-20000

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FAQs About JEE Advanced Rank Predictor

How accurate are the results of the JEE advanced rank predictor?

JEE advanced rank predictor predicts the rank based on the score entered by you, on certain data analysis and historical records. However, for the current year, a few details may change like the number of applicants, highest score etc. Thus, the actual rank might change. However the predicted rank in the calculator is highly close to the actual rank if the score is entered correctly by you. 

Is there a fee for using the JEE advanced rank predictor?

No, there is no fee for using the JEE advanced rank predictor and it is free. 

What are the qualifying marks for JEE advanced?

The qualifying marks for JEE advanced differ each year and are declared by JEE Apex Board after the scores are released. However, based on historical trends, a score above 90 percentile and 250+ score in JEE Main is safe enough to qualify in JEE advanced. The JEE Main rank required to get eligible for JEE Advanced is around 500-1000.

Can I use this tool for both JEE mains and advanced rank prediction?

The factors affecting rank calculation for JEE mains and advanced are vastly different. A tool is built keeping in mind the various factors involved and their working. Hence a predictor designed for JEE advanced rank prediction cannot be used for JEE mains rank prediction. 

Can I get CSE in IIT with 1500 rank?

A rank below 5000 assures you a CSE seat in one of the IITs. However, you might not be able to get a seat in the older IITs at a rank beyond 2000.

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