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JEE Advanced College Predictor 2024 

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is one of the toughest entrance exams in the country. After months and years of preparation, when the aspirants appear for the exam,  their curiosity is but natural for the results. They want to know their scores, ranks and finally the college that they will get admission to.

This is where Propelld’s JEE college predictor emerges as an invaluable asset. Leveraging advanced algorithms and vast historical data sets, it offers insights into potential college admissions based on JEE scores. 

By inputting exam scores and preferences, candidates get their predicted rank and accordingly the suitable college options. This can be a great support to make informed decisions in selecting their college of admission.

How Does JEE Advanced College Predictor 2024 Work?

JEE Advanced college predictor requires students to input their expected score, caste category and gender. It then uses its algorithm to calculate the expected rank and the colleges in reach as per the rank. Here is an overview of the complete process: 

1. Data Analysis

The JEE Advanced College Predictor operates by analyzing vast amounts of historical and current data, including previous year's cutoffs, seat allocations, admission trends, number of applicants etc. across various engineering colleges.

2. Score Input

Candidates input their expected JEE Advanced exam scores along with other details like caste category and gender. This forms the basis of calculation by the predictor. 

3. Processing

Complex algorithms process this information,taking into account a few other factors like exam difficulty, number of candidates appearing, percentile ranks, and specific college admission criteria.

4. Prediction

Based on the input data and algorithmic analysis, the predictor generates predicted rank and the corresponding potential colleges available for admission. 

Advantages of JEE Advanced College Predictor 2024

JEE Advanced College Predictor by Propelld offers several advantages to aspirants by providing them a prediction of their rank and eligible colleges. Some of the major advantages include:

1. Informed Decision-Making

The JEE Advanced College Predictor 2024 offers candidates calculated insights into potential college admissions based on their exam scores and preferences, thus helping them with informed decision-making.

2. Strategic Planning

By providing personalised predictions regarding college admissions, the predictor enables students to strategically plan their college choices, considering factors like branch availability and previous year's cutoffs.

3. Time Efficiency

The predictor saves time by offering quick and accurate predictions, allowing students to focus their efforts on other aspects of the admission process, such as counselling and seat allocation.

4. Maximising Opportunities

Candidates can maximise their chances of securing admission to their desired engineering colleges by aligning their preferences with predicted outcomes, thereby optimising their opportunities for success.

5. Stress Reduction

This is one of the major benefits of a JEE advanced college predictor. By providing clarity in the college selection process, the predictor alleviates stress and anxiety associated with uncertainty about admissions, thus helping the aspirants make informed and peaceful decisions. 

How to Use JEE Advanced College Predictor 2024 for Free?

Follow the following simple steps to know your eligible colleges and rank with your JEE Advanced UG marks: 

  1. Visit the JEE Advanced College Predictor 2024 on Propelld website. The page looks like this: 

  1. Enter your marks, caste category, gender and click on “calculate rank and predict colleges”. 
  1. The predictor generates your expected rank and shows you a list of colleges for which you might be eligible based on your marks and predicted rank. You can also download this information in excel form. 

JEE Advanced College Predictor Based on Rank

Here is the list of top 10 colleges and courses of JEE with their cut off ranks for 2023. 

Name of Institute Course Closing Rank 2023 (Round 1)
IIT Bombay B.Tech in CSE 66
IIT Delhi B.Tech in CSE 115
IIT Madras B.Tech in CSE 144
IIT Delhi Integrated B.Tech+M.Tech in CSE 185
IIT Kanpur B.Tech in CSE 215
IIT Kharagpur B.Tech (Hons.) in CSE 261
IIT Bombay B.Tech in Electrical Engineering 463
IIT Delhi B.Tech in Maths and Computer Engineering 350
IIT Delhi Integrated B.Tech+M.Tech in Maths and Computing 429
IIT Roorkee B.Tech in CSE 396

JEE Advanced College Predictor 2024: Expected Marks vs Rank

Ranks Expected Scores
1-500 190+
501-1000 190-170
1001-1500 170-155
1501-2000 154-145
2001-2500 146-135
2501-3000 136-130
3001-3500 129-125
3501-4000 124-120
4001-4500 119-115
4501-5000 114-110

JEE Advanced Cutoff 2024 for Each Category

Rank List Minimum % Marks in Each Subject Minimum % Aggregate Marks
CRL 10.0 35.0
Gen-EWS 9.0 31.5
OBC-NCL 9.0 31.5
SC 5.0 17.5
ST 5.0 17.5
PwD 5.0 17.5
Preparatory Course 2.5 8.75

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FAQs About JEE Advanced College Predictor

Is the college predictor tool 100% accurate?

The college predictor tool utilises historical data and analysis to arrive at a prediction about ranks and the corresponding colleges. It takes into account a lot of factors to give a result as accurate as possible. However, for the current year, the result might deviate a bit because of changes in number  of applicants, highest score etc. 

How to predict college with my JEE rank?

To predict your college with rank, use our rank predictor tool. Enter your marks, category and gender. The tool gives your predicted rank and a list of colleges that you may get admission to with your rank. 

Can I get into IIT with 1200 rank?

You can get into the newer IITs like IIT Hyderabad and Indore with a rank close to 1200. However, to get into the older IITs you need a minimum rank of 900. 

Is 5000 a good rank in JEE advanced?

5000 is a pretty decent rank in JEE advanced. You can secure admission in some of the courses in the newer IITs or NITs with that rank. 

How to predict rank from NTA (National Testing Agency) score?

If your NTA percentile score is 90.70, your JEE Main rank would be (100 – 90.70) × 823,967 / 100 = 76,628. Similarly, if the percentile score is 80.60, the rank would be (100 – 80.60) × 823,967 / 100, resulting in a rank of 159,849.

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