General FAQs

1. Does IIEBM offer internship opportunities for students?

There are several points at which students have the opportunity to enrol in in an internship programme:

  • Winter Internship with an NGO (at the end of semester 1) lasts 3-4 weeks
  • Summer Internship with an organisation (at the end of semester 2) lasts 8-12 weeks

2. What is the evaluation methodology followed at IIEBM, Pune?

Students are tested throughout the semester at IIEBM, Pune. Their grade scores are kept in check and at the end of the course, they are given a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) based on the average of their scores.

3. Does IIEBM have any clubs or committees?

There are many clubs and committees on campus for students to join:

  • i-Peeplabs (for students interested in Human Resources)
  • i-Fit (for students interested in sports)
  • i-Utsah (to increase awareness about different art forms)

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