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LBSIM Delhi Course and Fees

The two-year MBA programme at LBSIM costs INR 15.50 lakhs. The cost comprises the admission fee, the refundable security deposit, and the semester fees. The LBSIM hostel costs are INR 4.32 lakhs for two years, and they must be paid separately in two installments. 

LBSIM offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to the students. Candidates seeking admission to LBSIM courses are required to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria set by the college for the desired course.

LBSIM MBA Fees 2024

LBSIM MBA fees is INR 15.50 lakhs for 2 years. It includes the semester fees, security deposit, and the admission fees.

Course Fees
PGDM INR 15.50 Lakhs
PGDM Financial Management INR 15.50 Lakhs
PGDM Research & Business Analytics INR 15.50 Lakhs
PGDM E-Business INR 15.50 Lakhs
PGDM Artificial Intelligence and Data Science INR 15.50 Lakhs
PGDM Business Administration (Weekend Classes) INR 5.70 Lakhs

The detailed PGDM fees is mentioned below:

Academic Year Installment Amount
2024 - 25 I At the time of Admission
Security (Refundable) INR 5,000
Admission Fee (Non-Refundable) INR 50,000
II INR 3,73,800
2025 - 26 III INR 3,73,800
IV INR 3,73,800
Total INR 15,50,200
Other Charges (One Time) Amount
Experiential Immersion Program (2 Mandatory Credit Courses) INR 20,000
Rural Immersion Program (with India’s Leading NGOs) INR 20,000
Outbound Leadership Program (with TATA Steel Adventure Foundation) INR 20,000
Examination Fee INR 12,800
Alumni Fee (Lifetime membership) INR 12,000
Management Grid Fee INR 50,000


Here is the annual fee structure and other expenses for FPM for Non-Working and Working Scholars:

LBSIM Delhi Scholarship 2024

Students from economically disadvantaged sections can receive financial assistance from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBSIM) in the form of many scholarships. Scholarships are available from LBSIM Delhi based on a range of qualifications. Every LBSIM student has the equal opportunity to apply for and be awarded a scholarship through the programme. One of India's top business schools, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, offers the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) as its flagship programme in a number of specializations.

Here is a list of LBSIM Scholarships offered to the students: 

  1. Merit-cum-Means Scholarships
  2. Smt. Lalita Shastri Scholarship
  3. Manuj Chopra Scholarship
  4. Tessy Thomas Scholarship

LBSIM Other Merit Scholarships

Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management also offers three other scholarships on Merit-cum-Means Basis which are as follows:

Scholarship Name Scholarship Details Amount
Smt. Lalita Shastri Scholarship Awarded to students who have performed very well in academics and leadership potential. INR 50,000
Manuj Chopra Scholarship Awarded to students who have shown academic excellence and social responsibility. INR 50,000
Tessy Thomas Scholarship Awarded to students who have shown academic excellence and entrepreneurial skills. INR 50,000

LBSIM Student Awards

LBSIM Delhi confers Two Awards to its students during the Convocation for Scholarly Performance and Social Activities. The Students Awards offered at LBSIM are as follows:

  1. Lalita Shastri Award for Overall Best Performance
  2. Amit Chopra Award for Social Services and Extra Curricular Activities
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