BBA at GNIOT: Benefits and Job Prospects

Advantages of BBA

BBA at GNIOT is a professional degree that focuses mainly on the basics upon which any business is built. BBA is a very versatile degree, allowing students to branch out into any of their interests while still remaining relevant across the various aspects of work. Another important thing to note is that, compared to other professional courses, the overall amount you spend on a BBA degree would be significantly less. 

Job Positions after BBA

BBA is a broad degree that provides both theoretical information and extensive practical knowledge on how one can manage a business effectively. Apart from this, the BBA graduates from GNIOT  are equipped with varied skills such as communication and networking. Here are a few major areas where BBA graduates can be placed:

  • Finance and Banking 
  • Sales
  • HR Management 
  • Business Consultancy 
  • E-Commerce

B.Tech at GNIOT: Related Benefits and Job Prospects

Advantages of B.Tech

The pursuit of engineering continues to remain one of the most respected and secure professions. Lakhs of students apply for B.Tech courses every year. The  B.Tech course at GNIOT is available in various specialisations like Computer Science, Information Technology, and Mechanical Engineering. Engineering and technology can be very intriguing and satisfying while providing B.Tech graduates with a good pay as well. 

B.Tech Job Positions

Engineering is a reliable and stable career choice which will open up a world of opportunities for students. Depending upon the specialisation within B.Tech that a student pursues, he/she can explore different career paths of their choice. In India, there are a few renowned firms, both public and private, which form a major chunk of the recruiters. Here are a few positions you can take up after your B.Tech degree at GNIOT:

  • Professor
  • Support Specialist 
  • Researcher
  • Computer Programmer 
  • R&D Applications professional

MBA at GNIOT: Related Benefits and Job Prospects

Advantages of MBA

With an additional master’s degree like an MBA from GNIOT, the opportunities that one can explore are widened. An MBA degree has the capability to enhance one’s career progression. Another important thing to keep in mind is that many government and private recruiters nowadays prefer MBA graduates.

Job Positions after MBA

With an MBA degree, one can secure a good position at renowned business establishments and companies, especially in the management and administrative wing. Here are a few job opportunities for MBA graduates:

  • Marketing Manager 
  • Business Operations Manager 
  • Financial Manager 
  • Investment Fund Manager 
  • IT Director 

BCA at GNIOT: Related Benefits and Job Prospects

Advantages of Pursuing BCA

By pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications at GNIOT, students will learn about the operation and management of computer systems. This extensive knowledge can be of great help in the future, especially for candidates planning to set up their own business someday.

Job Positions after BCA

A wide range of career options open up for students who graduate with a professional course like BCA from GNIOT. With almost every industry working in tandem with software and computer-based systems, here are a few positions you can take up after completing your BCA:

  • Web Programmer 
  • Systems Admin 
  • Network Architect 
  • Data Operator 
  • Web Analyst 

M.Tech at GNIOT: Related Benefits and Job Prospects

Advantages of M.Tech

MTech stands for Masters of Technology. It is a two-year postgraduate program in engineering where students can delve deeper into a specialised field of choice. The extended knowledge and skills acquired through the pursuit of a master’s degree also opens up additional doors in sectors such as  IT and Software, Automobiles, Healthcare, and Defense. 

Job Positions after M.Tech

The software sector is undergoing constant development and expansion, and the number of people  being recruited in this field is also multiplying over time. With an M.Tech degree from GNIOT, students can take up the following job profiles: 

  • Data Mining 
  • Image Processing 
  • Information Security 
  • Administration
  • Database Implementation 

GNIOT Placements

GNIOT, Greater Noida, is known for its excellent placement record. Even in 2020-21, the institute achieved about 85% overall placements. All students were placed with good salary packages. The highest salary for MBA was ₹7.8 lakh per annum, and that of B.Tech was ₹33.4 lakh per annum. Apart from the GNIOT placement process, the institute also has a good number of students working as interns for companies like Zomato, Asian Paints, Britannia, and Whirlpool.

Notable Alumni of  GNIOT 

  • Mr. Sujeet Kumar (ECE, 2006 batch)

Network Manager, Tech Mahindra, Noida

  • Mr. Narendra Singh (ME, 2009 batch)

Sr. Design Engineer Structures, Ramboll, Gurgaon

  • Mr. Himanshu Verma (CSE, 2011 batch) 

Assistant Manager (HR), KPMG, Noida

  • Mr. Mayank Raj Jaiswal (CSE, 2011 batch)

Technical Lead /Director /Mentor, Software / Manufacturing / Startup, Noida

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