Job Prospects for ISBR Students

ISBR Business School courses provide students with the experience and skills to work in a variety of industries. Here are the different job prospects for each ISBR course:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Students who complete the three-year BBA can work in recruitment, sales, business administration, business consulting, information systems management, marketing, career development, human resources, and customer relationship service.

Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com)

Students aspiring to work in the finance sector can take up job roles like an economist, business consultant, business analyst, stockbroker, account manager, tax accountant, auditor, sales analyst, chartered accountant, and venture capitalist.

Master of Business Administration ISBR (MBA)

After completing this two-year course, students can work as placement managers, data scientists, finance analysts, systems managers, credit appraisal officers, sales managers, and investment bankers. Some lesser-known job roles include technical recruiter, business executive, healthcare analyst, data processing manager, account manager, market research analyst, IT analyst, and consultant.

Bachelors of Law (LLB)

Students who complete LLB can work as advocates who practise in a court of law after passing the All India Bar Examination (AIBE). Law aspirants can become litigation lawyers who manage different parts of the litigation process. Legal analysts help lawyers to conduct research, collect evidence, and track systems. Another job prospect is that of  a public prosecutor who is appointed by the state or central government to defend citizens.

Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA)

Students can work in the steadily-growing field of technology. They can choose from career paths in data science, digital marketing, cyber security, and IT. Students can pick career roles like software engineer, computer support specialist, blockchain developer, systems analyst, programmer, and database administrator. 

Career Options at ISBR

These are the skills required for different career paths after graduating from ISBR, Bangalore:


1. Recruitment 

Students aspiring to become recruiters need to develop skills in sales, communication, time management, and problem-solving.

2. Sales

Students can become sales managers after completing ISBR MBA. With a BBA, they can work in customer service or retail.

3. Business Administration 

Students need a strong understanding of current market growth and direction to work as business administrators.

4. Marketing 

Working in this field requires creative thinking, analytical abilities, and good communication skills.


1. Sales Analyst 

Students who wish to work in sales need to learn how to help businesses grow and support all aspects of their sales.

2. Business Accountant - Taxation

This role requires students to engage in experiential and practical learning. They can learn about the latest tools used in the accounting and the taxation industry.

3. Financial Risk Manager

A financial risk manager must know how to identify and analyse threats that the company might face in terms of its assets, earning capacity, and performance in the market.

Placements for ISBR Bangalore

ISBR Business School recorded a 96% placement rate for the 2020-2022 batch. The average salary package was ₹7,50,000 lakh, and the highest package received was  11,00,000 lakh. These are the ISBR recruiters across different sectors:

Sector Recruiters
Banking Induslnd Bank, Deutsche Bank, and American Express
Education NIIT, Axis Learning, Naukri, Centum Learning Centre, Jaro Education, Csquare Learning Pvt Ltd., Educom, and Silicon India
FMCG Unilever Pvt Ltd, Aditya Birla, Bharti Walmart, Johnson and Johnson, and Future Group
Healthcare Healthcare Global Enterprises, Fortis, and Columbia Asia
Hospitality Crowne Plaza, Taj West End, Kadavu Resorts, BIBA Apparels Pvt LTD, Eagleton Resorts, and Iris Business Hotels
Finance Birla Sunlife LTD, Credence Management, ADC, Artha Money LTD, Capgemini, Capital One, and Citibank
Media Times Group, Blue Tigers, CMR, Toonmedia Technologies Pvt LTD, and Fotobubbles
IT Accenture, Amazon, Oracle, Transparent Value, Infosys, ITC, and Odessa Tech
Marketing Life Cell International, Aircel LTD, IndiaMART

Notable Alumni From ISBR Business School

ISBR’s alumni is an active network of former graduate students. A few of ISBR’s alumni taking the world by storm:

  1. Saurabh Srivastava, Deputy General Manager at Times Group, Bangalore
  2. Sandeep Saraswat, Senior Financial Analyst at Mr. Cooper, Bangalore
  3. Shruti Jaiswal, former Analyst at Goldman Sachs. Currently a senior team member at JPMorgan Chase
  4. Juhi Agarwal, former HR intern at NTPC. Currently a technical recruiter for three IT firms in the US 
  5. Harshit Jain, deputy manager in HDFC Bank
  6. Snehansu received AWS Business Professional certification from Amazon and a Cisco Security Architecture certification from Cisco

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