Benefits of B.Tech at ITS Engineering College

Being a highly praised professional degree added with a good paycheck, this degree from ITS Engineering College is sure to provide you with good scope and options. Here are a few advantages you gain by taking up a course in B.Tech:

  1. Wide scope of career options, with different specialisations to pursue.
  2. By continuously acquiring new information, the level of job satisfaction this career provides is significant.
  3. The course allows students to collaborate with renowned firms and personnel from around the world.
  4. With a reliable paycheck, acquiring financial stability is not a concern in most cases.

B.Tech Job Positions

Depending upon the field you specialise in, the opportunities and positions that you will be able to secure may differ. Individuals can take up jobs in any sector, private or public, depending upon their career choice. Here are a few general job positions in engineering that you can take up following your degree from ITS Engineering College

  1. Associate engineer
  2. Software engineer
  3. Design engineer (Software/Hardware)
  4. Field sales executive
  5. Business development associate

Benefits of MBA at ITS Engineering College

With the growing status of the market and rapid increment in the number of businesses and firms coming up, the need for professionals who can help with management and organisation has never been more pressing. That being the case, an MBA at ITS Engineering College serves the cause perfectly. The extensive theoretical and practical knowledge acquired along the course of MBA at ITS Engineering College helps you get a good insight into the happenings and take appropriate measures as you work to benefit your firm.

The degree is also extremely versatile and can hence be used effectively across a wide range of fields and sectors of different levels.

MBA Job Positions in Marketing

Following an MBA with any specialisation, several opportunities open up across a wide number of disciplines, with renowned recruiters scouting for trained professionals. Depending upon the field you specialise in, you will be getting job offers with mostly good payment packages and stable jobs. Here are a few positions that you can get recruited for after your MBA degree from ITS Engineering College.

  1. Analytics manager
  2. System manager
  3. Business analyst
  4. Project manager
  5. Marketing manager

MBA Job Positions in Logistics Management

With an MBA specialising in logistics, major recruiters like Accenture, HPE, Ashok Leyland, CTS, TCS, Wipro, etc. come into play with job options such as: 

  1. Logistics supervisor
  2.  Supply chain coordinator
  3. Logistics officer
  4. Logistics manager

MBA Job Positions in Operations Management

As far as logistics management goes, the job options here branch out into other disciplines as well. Few such fields include logistics, retail, hospitality, transportation, financial institutions, construction, consultation, manufacturing, IT, and more. 

  1. Operations manager
  2. Project manager
  3. Management consultant

MBA Job Positions in IT 

By taking up an MBA degree in ITS Engineering College with a specialisation in Information Technology, one should be able to secure stable jobs with good pay across different firms. Currently, the top recruiters here include Google, IBM, Accenture, HP, Oracle, TCS, Intel, Infotech, and more. Here are a few job positions to consider taking up.

  1. Business development manager
  2. Marketing manager
  3. System manager
  4. Project manager

ITS Engineering College Placements

Year after year, ITS Engineering College has maintained a great placement record and offers a wide range of opportunities to students. There are placement cells in every department that work with the students to prepare them for their careers. The placement cell also organises various workshops and training sessions to make the students develop their skills and prepare them for future jobs.

The college has an excellent record of placements, with most of the students securing placements in top companies all over the world. Many students from ITS Engineering College have been placed in prestigious firms like TCS, Wipro, HCL, BYJU's, ICICI Bank, Hike, Hackerrank and many more.

Notable Alumni Members at ITS Engineering College

ITS Engineering College has an active alumni cell that works towards the development of the institution and its students. The alumni association consists of candidates who have completed their course from the college and are now working as professionals in various fields. The alumni cell also organises events for students to help them gain knowledge about their career choices and how to pursue them. The main aim of the alumni cell at ITS Engineering College is so that students can learn more about their chosen field of study right from scratch. They can get advice on choosing the right course based on their aptitude, interest level and skill set.

Here are some of the notable alumni members at ITS Engineering College:

  • Saurabh Sharma        

          Synoptic IP

  • Aditya Tripathi

          S.N. EnviroTech

  • Abdullah Khan

          Preet Machines

  • Abhay Kumar

          JBM Group

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