Ramaiah University MBA Job Prospects

Students are encouraged to take part in a summer internship during their second semester between April and June. It is compulsory to complete a minimum of eight weeks of the internship programme with the associated company.

During the second year, the MSRIM placement programme begins. It starts in the last week of September every year and continues till March. The university invites recruiters to conduct their interviews and pre-placement talks with students.

Students have a chance to work in sectors like marketing, finance, HR, aviation (management and operations), banking financial services, data analytics, healthcare management, and international business.

MS Ramaiah Career Options 

Ramaiah Institute of Management studies supports budding entrepreneurs by providing faculty mentoring, meeting rooms, and guidance. MSRIM Bangalore arranges guest lectures and opportunities for industry interaction on campus. These are the career options available to students:


This programme nurtures the creativity of entrepreneurs. The skills required for this career path are mentorship, coaching, business development, and strategising. Students can work in enterprise management and development. They can work as entrepreneurs, start-up CEOs, and lead pre-incubation work centres. 

2. PGP Sports

This course develops students’ critical-thinking abilities to manage events, retail, and brands. Some of the career roles include sports analytics, sports event management, brand management, sports marketing, and management of sports teams or leagues. 

3. PGP in Financial Analytics

Students are taught how to guide businesses and develop strategies for growth with the help of data insights. The career paths include business intelligence and enterprise, performance management, financial data analytics, and business management.

4. PGP in Management

This programme guides students on how to work in high-growth markets and lead innovation for businesses. Students can work with MNCs, start-ups, and businesses to lead their growth strategy, marketing, development, and operations.

MS Ramaiah MBA Placements

MS Ramaiah follows a step-by-step process for placements. These are the steps and other highlights of the placement programme:

MSRIM Bangalore Placement Steps

  • Students fill out a registration form
  • MSRIM creates a student’s profile based on their specialisation and skill-set
  • A rigorous campus interview is conducted
  • Students are given the final offer by recruiters

MSRIM Bangalore Placement Highlights

Number of jobs secured 95% in 2021
Highest package ₹17,03,000 lakh
Average package ₹5,66,000 lakh
Top recruiting sectors Software and IT sector
Top recruiters Some of the top recruiters are Axis Bank, Acuity
Knowledge Partners, Asian Paints, BYJU’s Learning,
BOSCH, Berger, Blue Star, CGI, Deloitte, Federal
Bank, Fidelity, Godrej, and Goldman Sachs

MSRIM Bangalore Notable Alumni 

The Ramaiah Institute of Management has fostered some of the best talent and brightest minds. The most notable alumni from MSRIM are mentioned below:

  • Kanan Gill, Comedian, Actor, and Creator of a YouTube series with millions of views
  • Komal Jha, an Indian Actress and Writer who has worked in Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi film industries
  • Sajjan Jindal, an Indian Entrepreneur, Chairman, and Managing Director of JSW Group
  • Pushkara Mallikarjunaiah, an Indian Film Producer who has created award-winning films
  • Mahesh Madhavan, CEO of Bacardi 

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