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Admissions Process for NSB Academy Bangalore

Application Process


Follow the application process online at the official website of NSB Academy to register.


The admissions officer at NSB Bangalore schedules a meeting with the candidate within three working days after receiving the application.

Offer Letter:

Shortlisted applicants receive an offer letter for admission from NSB.


The interested candidates have to pay an admission fee to conclude the admission process.

Necessary paperwork for Admission at NSB

  1. 10th Standard Certificate
  1. 10+2 Certificate
  1. Undergrad marksheets of all semesters/trimesters earned by the student
  1. If available, a degree certificate (provisional/official)
  1. A copy of the exam results
  1. University-issued Migration Certificate
  1. Transfer Certificate from the College

After three working days of receiving the application, your admission results will be given to you. The entrants will be informed of the results of their acceptance through the management at NSB Academy Bangalore.

Applicants can then proceed with the final admissions process as per the selection outcome.

Faculty Members at NSB Bangalore

  • Dr S. R. Sridharamurthy, President, Professor of International Business & Corporate Strategy at NSB, MVSc, PGDBA, MBA (USA), PhD (Academic Experience - 25+ years)
  • Dr P. Ganesan, Director & Professor of Marketing, PhD (Economics), FDPM (IIM-A, 1999-2000), (Academic Experience - 25+ years)
  • Dr. Aashish Mehra, Director & Professor, MBA, PhD (Academic Experience - 14+ Years)
  • Dr. Bhumika Gupta, Professor, Human Resources, MBA, PhD (France) (Academic Experience - 25+ Years)
  • Dr. S. Syed Ahamed, Associate Dean & Professor, Marketing, MBA, MA, MPhil, PhD (Academic Experience - 18+ Years)
  • Dr. Ratnakar Mishra, Professor, Human Resources, MBA, M.A, PhD (Academic Experience - 23+ Years)
  • Dr. Meera Uday, Professor, HR & General Management, MBA, PhD (Academic Experience - 25+ Years)
  • Dr. V. Sasikala, Associate Professor, Finance, MBA, M.Phil, M.Sc (Psychology) (Academic Experience - 17+ Years)
  • Dr. S. Md. Karimulla B, Associate Professor, Operations and Decision Sciences, M.Sc., MBA, PhD (Academic Experience - 14+ Years)
  • Dr. Alok Chhajer, Associate Professor, Finance, PGDM (Finance), PhD (Academic Experience - 15+ Years)
  • Dr. Tanmaya Kumar M, Assistant Professor, Human Resources, MBA (HR), PhD (Academic Experience - 12+ Years)
  • Dr. S Dhanabagiyam, Associate Professor, Human Resources, MBA, PhD (Academic Experience - 12+ Years)
  • Dr. Madhan Kumar, Assistant Professor, Marketing & HR, MBA (HR & Marketing), PhD (Academic Experience - 8+ Years)
  • Prof. Siddanagouda P P, Assistant Professor, Finance & QT, MBA, PhD (Academic Experience - 11+ Years)
  • Prof. Rajni Gupta, Assistant Professor, Marketing & General Management, PGDBM, M.Phil, PhD (Academic Experience - 9+ Years)
  • Prof. Divya Mathur, Assistant Professor, Finance & Economics, M.Com, MBA, (Academic Experience - 12+ Years)
  • Dr. M Thamizhselvi, Faculty Member, HR & Finance Management, MBA (Finance), M.Phil & PhD (Academic Experience - 9+ Years)
  • Prof. Swarnadeep Maity, Assistant Professor, Finance & Operations, MBA (Finance), PhD (Academic Experience - 6+ Years)
  • Prof. Abishek Santhosh Raj, Assistant Professor, Marketing & Brand Management, MBA (Marketing), PhD (Academic Experience - 2+ Years)
  • Prof. Sushant Agrawal, Assistant Professor, IT & Operations, MBA, B.Tech (Civil) (Academic Experience - 9+ Years)
  • Prof. Kaushik Samaddar, Assistant Professor, Marketing, MBA (Marketing & Banking), PhD (Academic Experience - 9+ Years)
  • Prof. Savita Sodi, Assistant Professor, IT & Operations, MBA (IT & Operations), PhD (Academic Experience - 7+ Years)

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