MBA At NSB Bangalore: Related Benefits and Job Prospects

Advantages of DUAL Certification

The industry-recognised MIP from NSB Academy Bangalore results in increased employability, whereas an MBA degree (from a UGC-recognised university) enables a student to push for higher studies, including doctorate studies, or take up work in the public sector. These well-known courses are offered by NSB in collaboration with various reputable business organisations. Unlike a regular MBA, MIP has some non-technical coursework such as: 

  • Art & Science of Thinking
  • Business - 360 
  • Emerging Business Models
  • Personal Growth Lab
  • Global Business Expedition
  • Foreign Language
  • Winning the Prized Job
  • Digital Transformation of Businesses

Offered Specialisations

  • Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • HR Services
  • Analytics for Business
  • Supply-chain management and logistics

At NSB Bangalore, you can either pursue a single specialisation in a particular field or dual specialisation by combining two fields.


The three-month internship programme at NSB Academy begins in August and runs through December. Students at NSB intern with major corporations such as Google, Amazon and Infosys. During this time, students conduct research projects in a variety of fields, helping them gain a first-hand understanding of the nature and operations of the company.

Career Options After MBA at NSB Bangalore

MBA Job Positions in Finance

For someone interested in a postgraduate degree, an MBA in Finance is among the most popular choices. A graduate with a focus in finance will have the responsibility of analysing the company's reports, figuring out how to increase stock prices, predicting economic trends, balancing risk and profitability, and, last but not least, managing investment portfolios. After specialising in Finance at NSB Academy Bangalore, you can get the following positions: 

  • Accounting Manager
  • Credit Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Corporate Controller

MBA in HR Job Positions

As the workforce grows, so does the need for professionals to oversee the daily activities of employees.. All industrial categories already require HR personnel to have an MBA, and this demand is only expected  to grow. Doing a specialisation in HR at NSB Bangalore can land you these jobs:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Senior Human Resources Consultant
  • HR Operations Manager
  • Employee Relations Manager

MBA Logistics Jobs

An important aspect of supply chain management is logistics management, which deals with the organisation, implementation, control, and storage of products and services between the site of generation and the site of usage. After going for a specialisation in logistics at NSB Academy Bangalore, you may get one of these positions:

  • Logistics Officer
  • Logistics Supervisor
  • Logistics Manager
  • Supply Chain Coordinator

NSB Academy Placements

Every year, placement activities at NSB Bangalore begin in the middle of February and are completed by the end of April. Top businesses from major brands like Reliance and Flipkart visit the campus for recruitment. The major goal is to assist students in finding roles and employers that best match their career aspirations. 

Pre-placement education and career planning are taught as part of the core curriculum at NSB. Classroom time is dedicated to developing the abilities needed to create a strong résumé. NSB Academy gets you ready for difficult interviews, uncovering hidden career options, clever networking, and planning your career strategy.

The placement season 2020–21 saw an average package of ₹​7 lakh per annum with the greatest package reaching ₹​17.55 lakh per annum. NSB Bangalore has a strong placement track record. 45% of students received pre-placement offers, while 99.6% of students were successfully placed (PPOs). Google, Amazon, Wipro, Infosys, Reliance, Axis Bank, EY, Saint Gobain, and ITC are just a few of the top recruiters. 

Notable Alumni Association Members at NSB Academy Bangalore

The NSB Bangalore Alumni Association seeks to encourage and develop communication between former students, present students, and teachers. By fostering connections between NSB Academy alumni, current students, and professors, the alumni association cultivates a strong sense of belonging.

Some notable Alumni at NSB Academy Bangalore are:

  • Ajay Udayar, President, NSBAA
  • Aditya Birla Group, Bangalore
  • Sriram Acharya, Vice-President, NSBAA
  • Indusind Bank, Chennai
  • Ritika Sharma, Secretary, NSBAA 
  • Morgan Stanley, Bangalore
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