BBA at Soundarya Institute of Management and Science: Related Benefits and Job Prospects

Advantages of Studying BBA at Soundarya College Bangalore

Getting a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from an institution like Soundarya Institute of Management and Science can kickstart your career in the field of business and management. If you opt for a BBA degree, then you will acquire all the basics which are crucial to enable your business ideas and bring them into action effectively. Pursuing a professional course in business management and administration will help students in getting a broad level of understanding of business operations. 

BBA degree is a combination of theory and practical knowledge. It is also a stepping stone for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. In a BBA degree, you will learn different skills  which will prepare you better for your future. Here are the top reasons why you should opt for BBA course at Soundarya College of Management: 

  1. This course will open a world of opportunities for you. Opting for a BBA degree at SIMS means you want to get into business administration and management from the very start. 
  2. With a BBA degree, you are taught a vast array of subjects which will give you many options to choose from after you graduate.
  3. BBA is a completely professional course, and you can get placed immediately after getting the degree. Hence, recruitment in good firms is possible without any master's degree.
  4. The course acts as a foundation for MBA, where the fundamentals are taught in extensive detail.
  5. The BBA course in most institutes, including Soundarya College of Management, is not very hard on your wallet, especially when compared to other similar professional courses.

What Career Options Are Available After BBA at Soundarya College of Management? 

“What are my career options after BBA?” If this question is troubling you then rest assured, the answer is very much favourable to you as a student. There are plenty of career options available after getting a BBA degree from Soundarya Institute of Management and Science. BBA is a very versatile course which will make you a knowledgeable professional. 

Following the completion of your BBA course at Soundarya College of Management, one of the most popular options is enroling for MBA. This is mainly because with your master’s degree, you can choose your specialisation and delve much deeper into the subject.  It will widen your career path and you can then apply for higher-paying jobs as well. 

Here are a few job opportunities that you can consider after studying BBA at Soundarya College of Management:

Job Openings after BBA 

With the market continuously evolving, the job openings for individuals with professional degrees have also multiplied. Generally, the perception is that getting a well-paying stable job with just a bachelor’s degree is not possible. It is said that one should  pursue a master’s degree and then continue on the job hunt. However, things have changed a lot in the past few years. A BBA degree opens doors to some of the best managerial and administrative job profiles where the salary and benefits are amongst the best. Here are a few job opportunities which you can secure after your BBA degree from 

Soundarya College of Management:

  • Marketing Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Sales Executive
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Management Trainee

M.Com Job Positions in Teaching

Another popular career option  which has now become common among postgraduates from Soundarya College of Management is pursuing teaching as a profession. This can either be in the field in which they completed their UG degree or other general subjects. In that case, the student has to take up additional courses to fulfil the criteria laid down as per their  preferred field of choice. Here are a few job positions  that students  can take up in the field of teaching:

  • Counsellor
  • Mentor
  • Trainer
  • Educator
  • Adviser 
  • Professor
  • Administration

Job Positions in Foreign Embassies after B.Com 

With so many career options available after a B.Com degree from Soundarya College of Management, it can be very tricky and overwhelming for students to narrow down on a specific role. One such employment opportunity is in foreign embassies which have their offices in India as well as overseas. Besides this, there are also language-based jobs and several other fields that are scouting for graduates that can help them manage foreign embassies. Here are a few job profiles  that you can consider in this field:

  • Language assistance
  • Verification personnel
  • Admin positions
  • Tourism management

BCA Job Positions in Information Technology (IT)

The IT/Software Services sector has grown significantly in the past few years. As a result, hiring  in the IT sector has also witnessed an increase. Undoubtedly, the IT field will continue to accept graduates from UG courses. That being the case, BCA graduates from Soundarya College of Management are given preference and can easily acquire entry-level jobs in fields like data entry. However, the drawback is that they will not be utilising any of their acquired knowledge and will have to learn skills from scratch. Some of the career domains that they can pursue include the following:

  • E-Commerce 
  • Data entry
  • Management and HR-based jobs

Job Positions in Public Sector  after BA

Following a bachelor's degree in arts, the most common path pursued by many continues to be government jobs. As  the government continues to establish diversified setups across different parts of the country, there are now several job openings for individuals with an undergraduate degree. Here are a few jobs in the public sector that you can take up after your BA at Soundarya College of Management:  

  • Public Relations and Fundraising Manager
  • Corporate Operations Manager
  • Administrative Officer
  • Business Consultant
  • Social Worker

Placements at Soundarya Institute of Management & Science

With business management finding its way into a wide range of professions and sectors around the world, graduates from Soundarya College of Management are being recruited by renowned tech and non-tech firms. Some of the recruiters which played a major part in the recent recruitment drive are mentioned below:

  1. Oracle
  2. Infosys
  3. Unisys
  4. Clockwork Business Solutions
  5. Capricot Tech
  6. Amazon

Another major sector that makes up for a significant number of placements includes the new start-ups which are being developed over time by entrepreneurs. Many multinational companies are mass recruiters at Soundarya Institute of Management & Science. i

Notable Alumni of  Soundarya Institute of Management and Science 

Soundarya Degree College has a functional alumni cell that remains active throughout the year.  This allows new students to establish communication channels with old students. It is done via greet and meet events organised by the alumni cell to foster the relationships formed between students. That’s how the current batch of students  is able to get a clear insight into different industries through their seniors placed in different companies across the globe. 

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