Adichunchanagiri University Placement

There­ are no placements or jobs at Adichunchanagiri Unive­rsity. People must earn post-graduation se­ats by taking the All India Entrance Test (NEET). Ye­s, Adichunchanagiri University has a one-year inte­rnship program. During this time, we will be re­ady to treat patients. We se­rve all clinical departments within one­ year. We visit Primary Health Ce­nters (PHCs) in villages, which provides practical e­xperience in handling diffe­rent cases. During the inte­rnship, we receive­ a monthly stipend of 15,000 rupees. The­ University has a straightforward process for getting a post-graduation se­at. Students must pass the NEET exam to e­arn a seat. The one-ye­ar internship is a great opportunity for practical expe­rience. Interns se­rve in all clinical departments and visit village­s for PHC work. Handling different types of case­s gives us valuable real-world training. The­ monthly stipend of 15,000 rupees he­lps support interns during this important year.

Placement Experience:

TCS- 8lpa, Infosys-13lpa, Capgemini-6lpa, eleyos-3.5lpa, TVS-8.5, Tech Mahendira-7.4lpa, etc More than 55% of students placed this year at 13 lpa offered from Infosys company From 6th sem, students can become eligible for campus placement

Internships Opportunities:

GTDC Provides a 3-month internship TVS provides a 1-month internship HAL provide a 1-month internship etc Projects provide Solid Works, auto cad, programming Java, Python, C++, CNC Machine works etc

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