Amity University, Ranchi

Greatest college IIHMR Jaipur is accepting applications for various courses in 2024. This renowned institution provides high-quality education and research in Healthcare Management, Pharmaceuticals, and


Ranked 43 NIRF 2021

Recognised By


Frequently Asked Questions about Amity University, Ranchi

Q. Can I apply for admission at Amity University, Ranchi online and offline?

A. Yes, Amity University, Ranchi’s application form can be submitted  both online and offline. 

Q. Are Ph.D programmes available at Amity University, Ranchi?

A. No, the institute does not offer Ph.D programmes at the Ranchi campus. 

Q. Will I get any scholarship opportunities during my course duration?

A. Yes, students are eligible for merit-based scholarships based on their performance.

Q. How much do I have to pay for the Amity University, Ranchi BBA fee structure?

A. As per Amity University, Ranchi BBA fee structure, students need to pay ₹5.63 lakh to avail of the course. 

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