Benefits of BBA at Amity University, Ranchi

By taking up a BBA degree at Amity University, Ranchi, you are provided with extensive knowledge about the functioning and management of a business. This helps you to understand their working better and helps you navigate your way around your own business one day. Apart from that, this course can also help you build a strong network of professionals, enabling you to kickstart your career.

BBA Job Positions

BBA graduates tend to acquire jobs easier than others, with significantly higher packages. Right after completing this UG degree at Amity University, Ranchi, students are offered quite a wide range of appealing jobs at popular firms across the world. Here are a few job positions to consider:

  1. Marketing executive
  2. Business development executive
  3. Sales executive
  4. Market research analyst
  5. HR manager

Benefits of MBA at Amity University, Ranchi

Pursuing a master's degree in business and management is one of the highly sought-after streams by leading recruiters. With the increasing workforce and workload simultaneously, there is an unmet need for organisation and order within the firms. Being an MBA graduate from Amity University, Ranchi helps get into the minor details of the functioning and manage the functioning of companies, ultimately improving the functioning.

MBA Job Positions

An MBA is a very versatile degree. Hence, following an MBA course at Amity University, Ranchi, students can choose from a wide range of career options and jobs offered by well-known firms. Here are a few job oppositions that you should check out after you graduate:

  1. Sales manager
  2. Media planner
  3. Product manager
  4. Internet marketing manager
  5. Finance manager

Benefits of B.Tech at Amity University Ranchi

Engineering continues to be one of the most respected and stable career choices for decades now. The main reason for that is the growing field of science and technology and the increasing demand for professionals who are interested in it. Nowadays, engineers and B.Tech graduates from Amity University, Ranchi are even expanding their careers to other disciplines as well.

B.Tech Job Positions

Unlike before, students are able to secure good placements with adequate salary packages right after their UG degree at Amity University, Ranchi. However, this requires extensive knowledge and extra effort to get recruited by the scouting firms. Here are a few options that you might be provided with:

  1. Junior engineer
  2. Software engineer
  3. Support executive
  4. App developer
  5. Web developer

Benefits of BCA at Amity University, Ranchi

With computer-based systems and software becoming a major part of businesses and almost every other sector, the importance of this degree has never been higher. With exclusive training in multiple aspects of computers, these professionals are highly sought after by leading firms all over the world. This degree at Amity University, Ranchi also has a wide scope, thanks to the fact that almost every industry is now computerised.

BCA Job Positions

With good scores and knowledge, one should be able to acquire good placements after completion of this course at Amity University, Ranchi. Since the degree itself is mostly set on computers and software, the major recruiter here is the IT industry. Here are a few IT jobs you should keep in mind:

  1. Software developer
  2. Technical support
  3. Junior analyst
  4. Software publisher
  5. IT analyst

Benefits of B.Com (Hons) at Amity University, Ranchi

When compared to the conventional B.Com degree, the B.Com (Hons) course offers higher eligibility and valueto the candidate pursuing it, mainly in the eyes of the recruiter. This is evident from the significant difference in the salary packages as well. With the managerial and directorial levels being addressed by this degree, many MNCs and globally popular companies look forward to hiring such candidates from Amity University, Ranchi.

B.Com (Hons) Job Positions

 Apart from the valuable knowledge offered by the course, students pursuing a B.Com at Amity University Ranchi can also look forward to a wider career scope.They can secure jobs with good payment packages across several sectors like accounting, taxes, marketing, management, and more. Here are a few popular options to consider:

  1. Tax consultant
  2. Company Secretary
  3. Chartered accountant
  4. Cost and work accountant

Benefits of BA at Amity University, Ranchi

The Bachelor of Arts degree is one of those courses which has a huge list of specialisations to choose from. That being the case,  students can also choose to pursue higher education following this course at Amity University, Ranchi in their area of choice. The benefits posed by this course mostly depend on the specialisation that you pursue. 

BA Job Positions

One of the most popular career options after completion of a BA at Amity University, Ranchi is government jobs. Alongside this course, students can simultaneously prepare for the  relevant exams held by the government and clear them to get recruited. Here are a few other job options across various fields to consider:

  1. Teacher/Lecturer
  2. Content writer
  3. Copywriter
  4. Press reporter
  5. Social activist

Amity University, Ranchi Placements

This university, being one of the highly ranked institutes in India, has a good history of placements across different firms around the world. Currently, the average package being offered to their graduates is ₹4.5 lakh per annum, and the highest package is ₹10 lakh per annum. Apart from the regular placements, students from Amity University, Ranchi are also being recruited as interns and juniors across several international operators and firms. The institute also maintains a good number of allied internships and special programmes with setups like Infosys, Wipro, Decathlon, TCS, HDFC, and more. 

Notable Alumni Members at Amity University, Ranchi

The Amity University, Ranchi alumni cell is a group of old students who are passionate about their alma mater and want to help current students. They organise events, conduct workshops, and provide mentorship opportunities for current students. The cell also helps connect graduates with alumni from other campuses in the Amity group.

The alumni cell organises events to engage with the university community and to reach out to potential students. These events include annual sports meets, cultural festivals, alumni meets, career fairs and many more. They also conduct workshops on different topics like soft skills, personality development etc. as well as mentoring programmes for freshers at different campuses in India.

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