Benefits of an MBA at ABES Engineering College

For anyone looking for a successful career in the field of business, pursuing an MBA degree at ABES Engineering College could be a perfect choice. Being a convenient course that helps integrate the theoretical knowledge which you acquired in your UG period, it prepares you for the actual business environment. Regardless of the sector or details of your business, a good amount of knowledge about the framework of a business system along with its functioning definitely gives you a headstart among competitors.

An MBA is a rather versatile degree, which allows you to pursue diverse career prospects while still keeping all your acquired knowledge relevant. From finance to technology, there’s an increasing demand for MBA graduates in all sectors. An MBA course also increases your value as a graduate, which ultimately increases the chances of your recruitment with a better salary package.

MBA job options

As mentioned earlier, MBA is a very flexible degree, allowing you to take up jobs across a wide range of sectors worldwide. With every sector undergoing massive development, this specialised course in business management helps to organise them better. Here are some of the common fields that you can get recruited in after an MBA degree from ABES Engineering College.

MBA Job Positions in Finance

After completion of your MBA from ABES Engineering College, one of the major sectors to apply for a job is finance. Many financial firms these days are scouting for competent MBA graduates with analytical and leadership skills. That said, here are a few positions that you can apply for.

  • Financial analyst
  • Controller of finance
  • Accounting manager
  • Chief financial officer

MBA Job Positions in Marketing

Following an MBA degree specialising in marketing, you can secure a good placement with an appreciable salary across the different sections of marketing. Especially with the growth of online marketing, many new job positions are opening up each day. Here are a few popular jobs that you can take up after your MBA at ABES Engineering College:

  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Sales manager
  • Business development manager

MBA Job Positions in Logistics

With a good amount of knowledge and training in the fields of strategy and logistics, MBA graduates are greatly suited for jobs pertaining to the management of such important data in firms. Here are a few logistics-related job opportunities that you can look into following your  MBA from ABES Engineering College.

  • Logistics manager
  • Logistics supervisor
  • Logistics officer
  • Supply chain coordinator

MBA Job Positions in HR

The overall boom in the workforce recently has raised the need to organise and manage the population within the firm in an effective manner. This is very important for the proper functioning of the firm and to maintain work efficiency. MBA professionals from ABES Engineering College are best suited for this task, thanks to their extended training in management. The job openings in HR include the following.

  • HR manager
  • Employee relations manager
  • Senior HR consultant
  • HP operations manager

MBA Job Positions in IT

With the increasing intrusion of technology across all major sectors of work, the need for professional help in the IT field is multiplying with each day. In that case, MBA graduates from ABES Engineering College can easily secure any of the following job positions.

  • Project manager
  • System manager
  • Business development manager
  • Marketing manager

ABES Engineering College placement

ABES Engineering College has a significant number of contacts across various renowned firms from all over the world. This is clearly reflected in the opportunities provided to the students of the institute. The college has shown an impressive placement rate in the placement drive in 2021, with the highest package being 27.7 lakh per annum. The major recruiters from the drive included UpGrad, ICICI bank, IDFC First Bank, Lido Learning, iEnergiser, Panasonic, Binary Semantics, etc. Apart from this, other popular companies like PayTM, Berger paints, HDFC Bank, TCS, etc., also scout for competent interns.

Notable Alumni Members at ABES Engineering College 

  • Ms Kumudini Tyagi, Indian Navy (Ships crew)

          CSE and 2014-2018

  • Ms Ayushi Mahajan, Software Consulting Engineer at CISCO

          CSE and 2016-20

  • Mr Jatin Tyagi, SAS Analyst at GlobalLogic at Google 

          CSE and 2013-17

  • Mr Shubham Gupta, Google

          CSE and 2012-14

  • Ms Yukta Anand, Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

          CSE and 2016-2020

  • Lovesh Nagar, Assistant Director to SS Rajamouli.

          CSE and 2013-17

  • Piyush Aggarwal, CEO at Peperbyte

          MCA and 2009-12

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