Globsyn Business School Job and Career Prospects 

Globsyn Business School, Kolkata has five schools of excellence with different areas of management specialisations. 

1. Globsyn Business School of Operations Management

Students learn the concepts of design, planning, arranging, staffing, driving, controlling, and settling on business strategies. The career options available are logistics managers, project managers, procurement specialists, and supply chain analysts. 

2. Globsyn Business School of Information Systems

This specialisation helps students gain knowledge of emerging technology, Internet commerce, management of data analytics, and business applications. Students who choose this field can work as IT managers, web designers, web developers, and computer programmers.

3. Globsyn Business School of Human Resources

Students develop a key understanding of organisational development and change management. They can develop skills in talent management, acquisition, training, and development. The career options for this specialisation include HR recruiter, HR manager, senior HR executive, and associate HR of operations.

4. Globsyn Business School of Marketing

Students develop an understanding of consumer behaviour, marketing services, advertising campaigns, and marketing strategies. Some of the marketing job roles include social media marketer, digital marketer, brand manager, and social media manager.

5. Globsyn Business School of Finance

This specialisation teaches students about globalisation and multinational financial management. Candidates develop a better understanding of how financial decisions create value for firms. Some of the possible job roles include financial analyst, portfolio manager, accounts manager, and risk manager.

Globsyn Business School Kolkata Placement

The business school has more than 3,000 alumni working all over the world. Globsyn Business School has many corporate tie-ups to provide students with the best career opportunities.

Globsyn Business School 2022 Placement Highlights

Number of job opportunities 1,400
Highest salary ₹22,00,000 lakh
Second highest salary ₹17,55,000 lakh
Third highest salary ₹15,30,000 lakh
Top 10 average salaries ₹10,31,000 lakh
Top 25 average salaries ₹9,02,000 lakh
Top 50 average salaries ₹7,64,000 lakh
Top 75 average salaries ₹6,87,000 lakh
Top 100 average salaries ₹6,30,000 lakh
Sector-wise job offers Banking: 246
Information and Technology: 152
Market Research: 142
E-Learning: 135
Top recruiters Amazon, Vivo, Airtel, Asian Paints, Xiaomi, Godrej, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Pantaloons, and Innoviti

Globsyn Business School Notable Alumni 

The Globsyn Alumni Engage (GAE) builds a network of graduates across organisations. Alumni can learn and connect during events and seminars organised by the Globsyn Business School, Kolkata.

1. Globsyn Business School, Kolkata RETRACE

The business school organises events to help alumni trace their roots back to their alma mater. These events are named ‘RETRACE.’ Students get an opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas, and connect with other alumni.

2. Globsyn Business School, Kolkata GAAP

The Globsyn Alumni Academic Programme bridges the gap between industry and academia. Alumni can complete any one paper from the core or elective PGDM subjects. Alumni attending the course are not charged any fees. They need to have a minimum of 70% attendance to qualify for the exams and a minimum of 50% marks to receive a certificate.

3. Globsyn Business School, Kolkata Top Alumni

  • Kirti Yadav, Sales Project Manager, Greenply Industries Ltd
  • Bishal Ghosh, Senior Relationship Manager, ICICI Securities
  • Pinaki Ghosh, Senior Relationship Manager, ICICI Securities
  • Rishi Raj Sarkar, Sales Officer Trainee, JSW Cement
  • Omanjana Bhattacharya, Operations Executive, Flipkart
  • Agni Sankar Chakraborty, Customer Success Associate, NoPaperForms
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