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HKBK College of Engineering Fees

This is the fee structure for the MBA course offered by HKBK in Bengaluru. Students will have to pay the fees for the four semesters.

Course Eligibility Fee Structure
MBA (Master of Business Administration) Two-year course with three streams:

-Human Resources


Students need to complete their graduation with a minimum of 50% marks or 45% if they are in the SC/ST category. They also need to pass theMAT/KMAT/CMAT/ATMA/XAT entrance tests ₹2.25 lakh for the First Year

₹1.50 lakh for the Second Year

₹20,000 are extra fees

₹3,95,000 total fees

H2: HKBK Scholarships

HKBK College of Engineering seeks to provide education to all students. It provides tuition fee waivers and scholarships to students every year. These scholarships are based on academic records, the student’s quality of work, and their extra-curricular activities. The HKBK PU College has collaborated with Credila and HDFC Limited to provide educational loans to students pursuing higher education.

Type of Scholarship Eligibility Document Required Coverage
HKBK-CET Exam Students who score 91-100 marks Valid Scorecard 100% scholarship
HKBK-CET Exam Students who score 71-90 marks Valid Scorecard ₹50,000
HKBK-CET Exam Students who score 61-70 marks Valid Scorecard ₹25,000
HKBK-CET Exam Students who score 51-60 marks Valid Scorecard ₹10,000
Teacher’s Ward Concession This is provided to the wards of teachers in government or government-recognised educational institutions. The teacher should have at least one year of service Valid ID proof ₹30,000 for one year
Sibling Concession This is offered to a newly joined student who is the sibling of an HKBK student Valid ID proof ₹25,000 for one year
Orphan Student Concession Students who are orphans or who are children of single parents can avail of this scholarship Death Certificate of parent or parents ₹30,000
Alumni Scholarship It is awarded to students who are the real brother/sister/
spouse/ward of an alumni student of HKBK College
Valid ID proof ₹25,000


Some students might not have the financial backing to pay the entire fees. They can avail of the scholarships and concessions offered by HKBK. Since there are limited seats for scholarships, every student unfortunately cannot avail financial aid.

This might lead to students seeking loans. The loan application process is not always easy and might require a proper credit score which many students may not have. Organisations like Propelld offer loans which look beyond your credit score as the only requirement for getting a loan.

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