Department of Management Studies IIT Delhi summary

The IIT Delhi management department is well-known for its outstanding management education. The college emphasizes innovation and research, providing students with a dynamic learning environment. Its industry-focused curriculum and experienced faculty ensure comprehensive development and prepare students for global challenges. The college's cutting-edge facilities and strategic location further enhance the learning experience, making it a top choice for aspiring management professionals.

Highlights of DMS IIT Delhi

Particulars DMS IIT Delhi Highlights 2024
Ownership type Public/Government College
Rankings (2023)
  • 5 by NIRF under the Management category
  • 16 by Business Today under the Management category
Flagship courses MBA, PhD

About DMS IIT Delhi

The De­partment of Management Studie­s at IIT Delhi was established in 1993. It has AICTE approval and offe­rs diverse programs with affordable fe­es. The departme­nt focuses on academic exce­llence and industry rele­vance. It has a strong track record in placeme­nts, securing great job offers for stude­nts across sectors. This shows the departme­nt's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering profe­ssional growth. The department's curriculum and faculty e­xpertise refle­ct its legacy of innovation and leadership in manage­ment education. Students be­nefit from a vibrant learning environme­nt that encourages critical thinking and practical application of concepts. The­ department aims to produce socially re­sponsible leaders, e­quipping graduates with the skills and knowledge­ to make meaningful contributions to the busine­ss world and society. Through industry collaborations and hands-on learning opportunities, the­ department prepare­s students for success.

Rankings of DMS IIT Delhi

Ranking Body Ranks
NIRF 2023 under the Management category 5
Business Today 2023 under the Management category 16
NIRF 2022 under the Management category 4
India by QS World University Rankings by Subject for Business and Management Studies 2022 4
QS World University Ranking for Business and Management Studies 2022 132

Life at DMS IIT Delhi

An extraordinary incident that happened on the very first day is still etched in my memory. The campus was brimming with life and we were informed about an Interactive Orientation Session which would last for two weeks. The most exciting part was the treasure hunt of 330 acres of campus land. The exploration was not just physical, it was also a journey through various opportunities and challenges awaiting us. The departments showed us the way forward by letting us know how important case competitions are; they also told us about different activities like interacting with teachers during sessions, taking part in drama or debate competitions as well as working together with other students in teams. Another thing that struck me during these early days at DMS (Department Of Management Studies) was the fact that these weeks were more than just an orientation programme – they served as introduction into DMS culture where networking has been strongly highlighted while camaraderie is seen as a must among MBA students.

DMS IIT Delhi Hostel

Hostel Type Fee
DMS IITD Hostel For Male ₹13.25 k
DMS IITD Hostel For Female ₹13.25 k

Contact Details of DMS IIT Delhi

Phone: +91 11 2659 7034

Email I'd :

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