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INSPIRE Scholarship 2024: Eligibility, Amount and Last Date


Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

Scholarship Level:



Scholarship Category:

Provider Type

Scholarship Amount

0124-6690020/ 0124-6690021

Course Names

Science & Research-Based Courses

Contact Details

0124-6690020/ 0124-6690020

Last Date

November 1, 2024

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About INSPIRE Scholarship

The "Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research" (INSPIRE) scheme is an initiative launched by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in India. DST INSPIRE focuses on fostering a culture of scientific research and innovation. With a primary objective to attract talented youth to the study of science at an early age, it nurtures their interest in research and development. INSPIRE targets students in the age group of 10-32. It offers a decentralised approach with educational institutions, universities, and other stakeholders. It has an online platform as a resource for students, teachers, and researchers. It offers hands-on information on various aspects of the scheme and related activities. Playing a crucial role in nurturing a scientific and innovative mindset, it boosts their contribution towards India's overall development.

List of Schemes/Scholarships

The INSPIRE Scheme offers many benefits to students. It is a perfect solution to boost the scientific and innovative inclination of many students in India. It includes:

  • Scholarships and Fellowships: It offers scholarships and INSPIRE fellowship at different levels. For example, the INSPIRE Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) is for students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Innovation Camps: It organises camps and workshops encouraging students to engage in hands-on scientific activities and innovative projects. It also gives them an opportunity for discussions with eminent scientists.
  • Mentorship: The scheme promotes mentorship. It offers opportunities for students to interact with and learn from accomplished scientists, researchers, and innovators. It gives them a sturdy learning experience.
  • Internship Opportunities: INSPIRE is the perfect way for selected students to start their careers. It offers a few students a chance to undertake research internships at reputed scientific institutions and laboratories in India.
  • Research Grants: The scheme provides research grants to universities and research institutions. It helps them to establish infrastructure and facilities for promoting scientific research.

Eligibility for Scholarship

If an applicant falls and fulfils the following, they can avail the benefits. The INSPIRE scholarship eligibility criteria are:

  • Students should be between the ages of 17 and 22 years.
  • Should be a part of the top 1% of meritorious 12th-class students from state or central board schools.
  • Students falling within the rank of 10000 in JEE or NEET can apply.
  • Students fulfilling the criteria and pursuing BSc, BS, or International MSc/MS in fundamental and natural science are eligible.
  • Students admitted into IISER, NISER, DAE-CBS, or are KVPY, JBNSTS, NTSE scholars, or International Olympiad medalists pursuing UG or PG courses in Basic or natural sciences are eligible.
  • The nature of the course must be regular.

Benefits of Scholarship

The INSPIRE scheme in India offers several benefits to students, researchers, and the scientific community. 

  • It provides scholarships and fellowships to students struggling with finance. It encourages them by easing financial constraints.
  • The scheme offers research internships, fellowships, mentorships, etc. It allows students to gain hands-on research experience.
  • It connects students with experienced scientists and researchers who can guide and inspire them in their scientific pursuits.
  • The scheme supports research infrastructure and facilities at universities. It contributes to the country's development.
  • It moulds young minds and boosts curiosity, critical thinking, and a passion for research and innovation. It builds a strong foundation.

Selection Process for INSPIRE Scholarship

The selection process varies for different components of the DST INSPIRE scheme, such as scholarships, fellowships, or research internships. Review the guidelines, and it will help you sail smoothly.

  • Check if you meet the eligibility criteria for the scheme benefit. If yes, fill out and submit the application form through the official portal
  • Provide the essential documents as per the wing of the INSPIRE Scheme you qualify. The authorities review the submitted applications.
  • Candidates are shortlisted based on their academic performance, achievements, and alignment with the goals of the INSPIRE scheme. The process varies for different schemes.
  • The process differs depending on the nature of the INSPIRE scholarship eligibility, scheme, and others. It aids in the final selection and making of the merit list.
  • An official communication informs the candidates of their selection via the necessary communication channel. A formal acceptance comes after additional procedures.

How to Apply - INSPIRE Scholarship

The application for the scholarship is smooth and easy. Go through the following steps, and it is all you need:

  • Look through the INSPIRE Scheme details and look at INSPIRE scholarship last date, eligibility, needs and others. 
  • If you are eligible for the benefit, visit the official INSPIRE scheme website. 
  • Click "Register New" and give in the primary details, and you will receive a confirmation. 
  • Login using your credentials, and your dashboard will appear on your screen. 
  • Go to the scholarship link and give the personal and educational details, exam and other information.
  • Provide the documents, verify, and submit. Keep checking the portal for application status updates. 
  • Keep the details about your INSPIRE scholarship number handy for future reference.

Documents Required for Scholarship

The following are the must-have documents if you wish to get the perks of the INSPIRE fellowship and other schemes:

  • Class X mark sheet for DOB proof
  • Class XII certificate and mark sheet
  • Eligibility/Advisory note (by State or Central government)
  • Endorsement form by Principal/Director/Registrar of the university
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • Certification of Award in IIT-JEE/AIMPT/NEET/KVPY/JBNSTS/NTSE or International Olympic Medallists
  • Caste certificate (if applicable)
  • Supporting documents (if any)

Scholarship Application Status Tracking Procedure

The INSPIRE scholarship amount disbursal and other details about the application come directly from the website. Logging in through your credentials is the best way to get your hands on your scholarship status. You can also contact the authorities responsible for running it effectively via email and phone for your concerns and queries. 

Renewal Process

The performance of the candidate directly impacts the renewal process of an individual.

  • You must meet the eligibility criteria and submit a renewal application to continue receiving your INSPIRE scholarship amount.
  • You must provide the progress report and undergo verification for the same. It must be within 12 months of the release of the results.
  • Students who have performed above 60% (CGPA 7.0) in their examinations are only eligible to apply for the scheme.
  • If you did not attend the examination, whatever the reason may be, you cannot continue with the INSPIRE Scheme.
Description Date
Application Start Date November 1, 2024
Application End Date December 31, 2024
Declaration of Result April/May

Disbursement History

The INSPIRE scholarship amount helps many people annually develop an inclination and affinity towards science and innovation. With different programs, it started with an initial budget allocation of Rs. 1979.25 Crores. With its commence in 2008, the budget reallocation is Rs. 2200 Crores. The amount directly goes to the bank accounts of the benefactors, and the candidates and universities receive the direct benefit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the INSPIRE scheme?

The INSPIRE scholarship eligibility varies with different INSPIRE schemes. It includes age limits, academic qualifications, and other specific requirements outlined by the program.

What documents do I need for the application?

Educational certificates, identity and age proof, bank details, passport-size photographs, caste certificates, certificates of passing specific examinations, endorsement forms, and advisory notes are often needed. You must offer any other document as needed. 

Is there an age limit for applying to the INSPIRE scheme?

Candidates aged 17 and 22 are only eligible to apply for the INSPIRE Scheme Scholarship. For the research center, the candidate can be between 27 and 32 years old. 

How can I apply for an INSPIRE scholarship or fellowship?

The application process for the INSPIRE fellowship involves visiting the official website starting with the registration. You must then fill out and submit the application form through the official INSPIRE portal. Once you provide the documents, your part is completed.

Can I renew my INSPIRE scholarship or fellowship?

Renewal eligibility often depends on maintaining satisfactory academic progress and meeting specific criteria. You must appear for the examination, submit the result within 12 months of receiving it, and score a minimum of 60% or 7.0 CGPA for the renewal.

When and how are scholarship funds ?

Disbursement details of the scholarship funds usually come via the official communication channel. The successful candidates receive the notification for it. You can also check on your portal dashboard or contact the authorities directly.

Is there a helpline or contact available for assistance with the application process?

Official contact information for DST INSPIRE  details, concerns, and queries are available in the official website. Reach out to the designated helpline or email using the official site details.

What kind of mentorship opportunities does INSPIRE offer?

The scheme provides valuable connections for students. It offers them interaction and guidance for mentorship from experienced scientists. With their support and function, students grow. It offers them insight and extends leverage for their career.

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