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Oasis Scholarship 2024 - How to apply, Last Dates and Eligibility


Government of West Bengal

Scholarship Level:



Scholarship Category:

Provider Type

Scholarship Amount

INR 1,00,000 Per year

Course Names

UG, PG & PhD Courses

Contact Details


Last Date

31st March 2024 (Expected Deadline)

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About Oasis scholarship

Oasis Scholarship is one of the best scholarships offered by West Bengal's government's backward-class welfare department. Through financial assistance, this scholarship program helps students from SC/ST and OBC groups achieve their dream education. Pre- and post-metric scholarship is the main focus. Increasing the literacy rate among the SC/ST and OBC categories is the primary goal of this scholarship program. The candidates can apply for the Oasis Scholarship through the official website, i.e., 

Oasis Scholarship Last Date

The West Bengal government has not officially revealed the application deadline or last date but it is anticipated to be on March 31st 2024.


Oasis Scholarship Eligibility

The Oasis scholarship program offers SC/ST and OBC applicants a wide variety of educational opportunities. Students who fulfill the criteria for qualifying for the Oasis scholarship and are residents of West Bengal are the only ones eligible to apply.

The eligibility criteria for pre-matric & post-matric scholarships are listed below.


  • Those enrolled in IX (9th) and X (10th) courses are eligible to apply.
  • Student family income should not be more than INR 2 lakh a year.
  • An SC/ST certificate is a must for the students.


Students belonging to SC/ST & OBC categories can apply for the Oasis scholarship.

  • Postgraduate students as well as those pursuing class XI (11th) may apply.
  • SC, ST, or OBC certificates are required for the students.
  • Students in the SC/ST category should not have family incomes that surpass 2.5 lakhs per year.
  • Students from the OBC category should not have a family income greater than one lakh per year.

Benefits of the Oasis Scholarship

Both the day scholars and hostellers benefit from the Oasis scholarship program. Students shall receive the scholarship amount after the selection.

Scholarship Grant Amount

The grant amount varies depending on the educational scheme, the student's grade level, and whether the student is a hostler or day scholar. For instance, a merit scholarship for an SC girl in grades V-VI is Rs 100 per month, while a post-matric scholarship for an OBC student in grades XI and above can be up to Rs 20,000 per year.

The table below details the various grant amounts provided based on the scholarship scheme, student category, and other criteria:

Scheme Grant Quota Income Ceiling Duration
Shikshashree Rs 800/year No Quota Rs. 2,50,000/p.a. Once a Year
Hostel Grant Rs 1000/month No Quota Rs. 36,000/p.a. 10 Months
Ashram Hostel Grant Rs 1125/month Limited Availability Rs. 36,000/p.a. 12 Months
Post-Matric Scholarship Varies No Quota Rs. 2,50,000/p.a. 12 Months
Merit Scholarship (V-X) for Girls Rs 100-150/month No Quota Rs. 2,50,000/p.a. 12 Months
Merit Scholarship (IX-XII) Rs 400/month 1962 Seats Rs. 36,000/p.a. 12 Months
Unclean Occupation Rs 8000/year (hosteller), Rs 3500/year (day scholar) No Ceiling No Quota 10 Months
Pre-Matric (CS) Scholarship Varies No Quota Rs. 2,50,000/p.a. Yearly

Scholarship Reimbursement Amount

Scholarship Day scholars Hostellers
Pre-Matric for SC/ST 150 Rs monthly for 10 months & 700 annually in addition 750 Rs monthly & 1000 annually
Pre-Matric for OBC 250 Rs monthly for 10 months & 500 annually in addition 50 Rs monthly for 10 month& 500 annually in addition
Post-Matric for SC/ST Medical/Engineering/BSC/ MPhil/PhD 550 Rs a month 1200 Rs a month
Post-Matric for SC/ST B.Pharmacy/LLB/PG/ Hotel Management 530 Rs a month 820 Rs a month
Post-Matric OBC and Medical/Engineering/BSC/ MPhil/PhD 350 Rs a month 750 Rs a month
Post-Matric OBC B.Pharmacy/LLB/PG/ Hotel Management 335 Rs a month 510 Rs a month
Merit Scholarship for SC 400 Rs a month for 10 months 400 Rs a month for 10 months

How to apply for the Scholarship

Domicile students of West Bengal should only apply through the official website of Oasis, i.e., First of all, students need to register themselves on the Oasis portal. Once the registration process is completed, they will receive login credentials at the given email address, which can be further used to apply for the scholarships. Once the application is filled out and submitted after verifying all the necessary documents, the hard copy must be submitted to the DWO scholarship office. 

The complete application process is discussed below 

  1. To start with, open the official website of Oasis Scholarship:
  2. Search for the New Registration link and open it. 
  3. Submit the details & click on register. 
  4. Apply for the preferred scholarships through login credentials. 
  5. Fill in the location details and bank details & verify the caste certificate. 
  6. Submit all the mandatory details and click on the lock button, keeping in mind that once the application is locked and submitted, it cannot be edited further. 
  7. Download the application form for the submission of a hard copy to the concerned (DWO scholarship) District Welfare Officer with attested necessary documents. 


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Documents Required 

 Domicile certificate of West Bengal state 

  1. SC/ST and OBC certificates are required. 
  2. Educational mark sheets. 
  3. Family income certificate.
  4. Aadhar details 
  5. Bank account details. 
  6. Passport size photographs
  7. Fee receipt of the institute.


Renewal of scholarship

To renew the scholarships, below are the steps mentioned. 

  1. Login on the official website of Oasis Scholarship.
  2. Open the student’s corner column and click Renew Scholarship. 
  3. Enter your login details such as ID and password.
  4. Verify your previous details and click on Renew the application. 
  5. Enter the mandatory details and lock. 
  6. Print the application and submit it to the DWO scholarships office.

Note: Keeping in mind, that once the details have been entered and locked they cannot be edited. 

Documents to be needed for the renewal

  • Recent passport-size photograph 
  • Caste certificate is mandatory (Attested)
  • Educational mark sheets (Attested)

Oasis Scholarship Status

How to check the current status of your application

  1. Open the official website of Oasis Scholarship i.e.,
  2. Open the track application link. 
  3. Proceed to select the location, and it will redirect you to the application tracking page.
  4. Type login credentials and submit. 
  5. Your Oasis scholarship status check page will appear. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Oasis Scholarship

Tell us about the Oasis Scholarship Program.

Oasis Scholarship provides financial aid to backward-class students for further education by the welfare department of the West Bengal government.  

Who is eligible for the Oasis scholarship? 

Students belonging to  SC/ST and OBC categories are in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.

Where to apply for the Oasis Scholarship? 

Through the official website

How do we check the Oasis scholarship status?

On the official website of Oasis Scholarship, click on track application.

What is the last date for the Oasis Scholarship?

The last date to apply for the Oasis scholarship is March 31st 2024.

What is the amount of scholarships students get?

The amount differs for hostellers and day scholars, which is given monthly and annually.

What percentage should I attain to get the scholarship?

The percentage should not be less than 50%.

Can I apply for two scholarships in a year?

Students can apply for multiple scholarships but benefit from only one in a year selected.

What is the reward of the Oasis scholarship?

1,00,000 a year to  SC/ST and OBC students get rewarded from the scholarship schemes of the Oasis government.

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