DMS IIT Delhi Course and Fees

The De­par­tment of Management Studie­s at the Indian Institute of Technology De­lhi offers postgraduate and doctoral programs. These­ courses are available in a full-time­ format. The management pr­ogr­ams include­ an Executive MBA in Technology Manage­ment, a regular MBA, and an MBA in Tele­communication Systems Management. The­ department also provides a PhD in Manage­ment. The cost of these­ pr­ogr­ams varies. Applicants must meet the­ eligibility r­equir­eme­nts set by the Depar­tme­nt of Management Studies at IIT De­lhi.

The basic requirement for all programs at DMS IIT Delhi is that the candidate must have at least 60% marks in their undergraduate degree. The total fee for the full-time MBA program at DMS IIT Delhi is Rs. 11.20 lakhs, which can be paid in equal installments over 4 semesters. The table below provides the details of the DMS IIT Delhi courses, fees, and eligibility criteria.

DMS IIT Delhi MBA Fees

DMS IIT Delhi MBA fees is INR 11.20 Lakhs for 2 years. The other charges are explained in the sections below:

Course Fees
MBA INR 11.20 Lakhs
MBA Telecom Not provided
Executive MBA INR 12.60 Lakhs

The MBA fees breakup is mentioned in the table below:

Expense Heads Amount
Tuition Fees INR 11,20,000 Lakhs
Institute Residence Fee INR 13,250
Other Charges INR 22,400
Total INR 11,55,650

The other charges included in the MBA fees are explained in the table below:

Expense Heads Amount
A. Institute Fees
Examination Fees INR 1,500
Registration/ Enrolment Fees INR 750
Gymkhana INR 1,250
Medical Fees INR 750
Internet and Computer Access Fee INR 1,000
Transport Charges INR 100
Total A INR 5,350
B. Other Payments
Student Distress Fund Scheme (Each Semester) INR 400
Insurance Scheme (Yearly) INR 500
Total B INR 900
C. One Time Payments
Admission Fee INR 2,000
Student Welfare Fund INR 750
Modernization Fees INR 1,500
Benevolent Fund INR 400
Alumni Fees INR 2,000
Training and Placement Charges INR 1,500
Total C INR 8,150
D. Refundable Deposits
Institution Security Deposit INR 4,000
Library Security Deposit INR 4,000
Total D INR 8,000
Total A+B+C+D INR 22,400

DMS IITD Fees & Eligibility

Course Fees Eligibility Application Date
MBA ₹11.2 Lakhs (Total Fees) Graduation with 50% + CAT 22 Dec - 31 Jan 2024
Ph.D ₹41,650 (1st Year Fees) Post Graduation 9 Oct - 31 Oct 2023
EMBA ₹2.3 Lakhs (1st Year Fees) Graduation + CAT 24 Mar - 15 Apr 2024
Executive Programme ₹1.37 Lakhs (Total Fees) Graduation 31 May 2024
MDP ₹1.48 Lakhs (Total Fees) Post Graduation -
No items found.

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