PES University Job Prospects

These are some of the degrees and certifications that students can pick after completing a PES University course:

Degree at PES University, Bangalore Future degrees
Bachelor of Technology MBA or M.Tech in PES University
Bachelor of Business Administration LLB (Hons) Master of Laws (LLM)
Bachelor of Arts LLB (Hons) Master of Laws (LLM)
Bachelor of Design M.Des or M.A in Fashion Design
Bachelor of Architecture M.Arch or Master of Urban Design
Bachelor of Business Administration (General/Hons) PES, Bangalore MBA or PGDM
Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics (General/Hons) MBA (offered by PES University)
BBA Hospitality and Event Management MBA (offered by PES University) or PG Diploma
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) with ACCA M.Com and MBA (offered by PES University)
BBA Sports Management MBA in Sports Management
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (General/Hons) M.A in Psychology or Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology
Master of Technology Master of Technology by Research (offered by PES University)
Master of Business Administration Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Philosophy (offered by PES University)
Master of Computer Application M.E or M.S in Computer Science
Master of Commerce Chartered Accountancy (CA) or MBA (offered by PES University)

PES University, Bangalore Career Options

These are some of the career options that students can pursue after completing a course at PES University:

Degree Future profession
Bachelor of Technology Software Developer, Engineer, or Web Developer
Bachelor of Business Administration LLB (Hons) Legal Advisor, Solicitor, or Public Prosecutor
Bachelor of Arts LLB (Hons) Lawyer, Judge, or Company Prosecutor
Bachelor of Design Fashion Director, Brand Manager, or Set Director
Bachelor of Architecture Art Director, Architectural Designer, or Architect
Bachelor of Business Administration (General/Hons) Business Consultant, Financial Manager, or Human Resource Manager
Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts Art Administrator, Choreographer, or Theatre Director
Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics (General/Hons) Data Scientist, Business Analyst, or Consultant
BBA Hospitality and Event Management Restaurant Manager, Marketer, or Department Manager
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) with Associate of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) Chartered Accountant, Financial Manager, or Accountant
BBA Sports Management Sports Agent, Athletics Administrator, or Sports Marketer
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (General/Hons) Counsellor, Psychologist, or Professor
Master of Technology Machinery Engineer, Senior Engineer, or Maintenance Manager
Master of Business Administration Marketer, Brand Manager, or Financial Risk Manager
Master of Computer Application Technical Writer, Business Analyst, or Systems Administrator
Master of Commerce Budget Analyst, Cashier, or Actuarial Consultant

PES University Placement Statistics

PES University, Bangalore provides students with a wide range of placement opportunities. The PES, Bangalore average package was ₹7,30,000 in 2021. The PES University, Bangalore placement programme has helped many students find jobs in top companies. Some of the top recruiters are:

  • Deloitte
  • Cleartrip
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft
  • Siemens
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Netflix
  • IBM
  • Intel

PES University Alumni

The People’s Education Society website has a section for alumni to connect and learn about different industries. The alumni network is lively with students posting information about job opportunities, and achievements, and giving advice. Some of the notable alumni of PES University are:

  • Saad Hashim, Executive Director - Goldman Sachs
  • Parul Gupta, Co-Founder - Springboard
  • Mekin Maheshwari, Founder -
  • Sumiti Tayal, Assistant Vice President - Tech Mahindra
  • Nasika Bilkhis, Product Manager - SAP Labs
  • Deepti Ramesh, Marketing Consultant - Hindsyght

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