PGDM At Calcutta Business School: Related Benefits and Job Prospects

Advantages of PGDM Dual Specialisation

Acquiring a PGDM degree from the Calcutta Business School via any of the available modes is bound to benefit you in several ways, all within the market environment, which is getting more complicated by the day. Here are a few noteworthy advantages of pursuing a PGDM course.

  1. A PGDM experience gives an individual the ability to analyse market trends in a more strategic way, with added attention to detail. This also includes the ability to make informed choices about the combination.
  2. It increases overall job security with all the acquired skills acquired throughout the duration of the course.
  3. There are many companies scouting for professionals with good qualifications in the management field. With a PGDM degree, pleasing such employers is very easy, and with the skillset provided by the course, the possibilities and opportunities are widened.
  4. This degree is one that allows an individual to shift the path of their career, mainly by opening up new paths.

Career Options After PGDM at Calcutta Business School

PGDM Job Positions in Banks

After finishing a PGDM in Calcutta Business School, one of the major career choices to consider would be taking up a job at a bank. Professional PGDM degree holders are highly sought after by banks because they are crucial for maintaining a good relationship between the organisation and the consumer. Here is a list of job opportunities for a PGDM graduate in a bank setup.

  • Bank sales officer
  • Probationary officer
  • CNC operator
  • Executive manager
  • Operations manager

PGDM Job Positions in Finance

As per the current trend, careers in finance are definitely predicted to have a good future. In that case, with an appropriate set of skills and knowledge within the field which you will gain from the PGDM course at  Calcutta Business School, you are sure to secure an appropriate job in the field of finance. Here are a few positions that you can aim at.

  • Bank Manager
  • Financial manager
  • Portfolio manager
  • Advisor

PGDM Job Positions in Marketing

An increasingly data-oriented yet highly recruiting field, the marketing wing is always open to hiring graduates from top B-schools. The Professional PGDM business degree that you secure from  Calcutta Business School holds a good amount of value in helping you acquire the following jobs in the field of marketing.

  • Marketing executive
  • Sales manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Sales coordinator
  • Marketing Head

PGDM Job Positions in NPO

With the increasing demand for consultants as the days progress, business consultants and analysts are also highly scouted. With a good knowledge of how businesses operate, PGDM graduates from  Calcutta Business School are able to help the firms identify and manage problems they face. The jobs that can be secured include

  • Product quantity officer
  • Business transformation consultant
  • Finance analyst

PGDM Job Positions in Export Companies

Apart from the traditional fields where you can get recruited after a PGDM course, at  Calcutta Business School, there are openings in export companies across different angles and across various entities like MNCs and international trading houses. Here is a short list of them.

  • Commercial manager
  • Fema specialist
  • Procurement manager

Calcutta Business School Placements

The institute is known for the placement records it has gained over time. The Calcutta Business School has successfully acquired an appreciable placement score for the year 2021. The highest salary package for this year was ₹11 lakh, with the average at ₹5.40 lakh. The top recruiters for this year were Amazon, Nestle, Ernst & Young, ITC, and PWC.

There are also summer internship placement drives held periodically, with over 16 recruiting companies taking part.

Notable Alumni Members at  Calcutta Business School 

The alumni cell of Kolkata Business School remains active throughout the year and provides networking opportunities to present students. This way, alumni stay connected with their alma mater. Current students are able to get an early sneak peek into the various sectors they can join after completing their course. Calcutta Business School’s alumni cell also organises various events around the year to keep the old and present students connected.  

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