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Sitaram Jindal Scholarship 2024 - Eligibility, Result and Dates


Sitaram Jindal Foundation

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₹ 2,500 Per Month

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31st December 2024

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About Sitaram Jindal Scholarship

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation scholarship provides the Sitaram Jindal merit cum means scholarship scheme, which offers scholarships to students based on their eligibility for the scholarship category. Recognized as one of the most prestigious scholarships nationwide for higher education, the government will provide financial support of up to Rs 3200 through this scheme. The foundation has categorised the scholarships into five groups, allowing beneficiaries to receive benefits according to their category.

Students from SC/ST/OBC/General/Minority communities can apply for this scholarship scheme. Moreover, students who have already received any other scholarship can still apply for the Sitaram Jindal Scholarship. The Sitaram Jindal Scholarship 2024 sets no specific application deadline or time restriction. Therefore, students may apply any time they wish, provided Sitaram jindal scholarship last date 31st December 2024.

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship Details
Category Courses Amount Eligibility
Category A 11 & 12 Class Boys: Rs. 500 / Girls: Rs. 700
Boys - 65%
Girls - 60%
Pre-University Boys: Rs. 500 / Girls: Rs. 700 Karnataka:
Boys - 70%
Girls - 65% West Bengal:
Boys - 65%
Girls - 60%
Category B ITI Students (As per SJF Trade List) Govt. ITIs: Rs. 500 / Private ITIs: Rs. 700
  • Boys - 45%
  • Girls - 35%
Category C Graduate Programs
  • General Category:
  • Girls: Rs. 1400
  • Boys: Rs. 1100
  • Boys - 55%
  • Girls - 50%
Post Graduation Courses
  • General Category:
  • Girls: Rs. 1800
  • Boys: Rs. 1500
  • Boys - 60%
  • Girls - 55%
  • Physically Handicap Students:
  • Widows & unmarried wards of Ex-servicemen:
  • Girls: Rs. 1500
  • Boys: Rs. 1400
Category D Diploma courses
  • Girls: Rs. 1200
  • Boys: Rs. 1000
  • Boys - 55%
  • Girls - 50%
Category E Engineering & Medicine
  • Girls: Rs. 2300 / Boys: Rs. 2000
  • Girls: Rs. 3000 / Boys: Rs. 2500
  • Girls: Rs. 3200 / Boys: Rs. 2800
  • For All States:
    Boys - 65%
    Girls - 60%
For hostel students Additional amount for hosteler:
  • ITI/Diploma: Rs. 1200
  • Grad./PG Courses: Rs. 1800
  • Medical & Engg. Courses: Rs. 1800


  • The eligibility percentage of marks for students who are physically challenged or handicapped will be passed grades in all categories.
  • In all categories, The minimum percentage  required for continuance will be relieved by 5% at the time of continuation of the scholarship.

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Apply Online

Under this method, students can apply offline. Get the Jindal scholarship application form in PDF format first. Online applications are not available. To apply, take the actions listed below. 

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation's Jindal Scholarship application process is simple to follow. To guarantee a seamless application process, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Open Official Web Page: Start by going to the Sitaram Jindal scholarship official website. The website offers thorough details about the scholarship program, including information on how to apply and what qualifications are needed.
  1. Review the Instructions: Carefully examine the website's instructions and guidelines. Learn about the prerequisites, necessary paperwork, and any special requirements related to your category and program of study.
  1. Compile relevant paperwork: Prepare the relevant paperwork following the instructions. Examples are academic transcripts, proof of identity, income certificates, and any other supporting documentation specified in the application instructions. Ensure you have copies of the necessary paperwork and the originals.
  1. Complete the application: You can download the scholarship application form from the website or access it online. Fill out the application form with correct and comprehensive information about yourself, your educational background, contact information, and any other information that may be needed. 
  1. Attach Relevant Documents: File the application form with photocopies of the necessary documentation. Make sure that all of the documents are labeled appropriately and placed in the correct order for easy identification.
  1. Examine and Confirm: Make sure that the information on the application form is correct, and make sure the attached documents are complete. Make sure you have complied with all requirements and that you have followed the instructions. 
  1. Propose Application: Follow the instructions to submit your application once you are confident that all the data and supporting materials are in order. Ensure you have appropriately uploaded all necessary documents if you apply online.
  1. Save a Backup: For your records, make a copy of the application form that was submitted together with all of the accompanying documentation. A backup plan is always a good idea in case something unexpected happens.
  1. Tracking the Application: Make note of the tracking information supplied if there is a feature to monitor the progress of your application. It will allow you to scrutinize the status of your application at all times.
  1. Follow up: Pay close attention to any correspondence you get about your application from the Sitaram Jindal Foundation. They might ask for more details or supporting documentation or tell you about the application's selection procedure or any other revisions. 

Note: Throughout the application process, please enter proper information and respect the dates. One can enhance chances of being chosen for the Jindal Scholarship by following these instructions and submitting a thorough and well-prepared application. 

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Documents

You must submit the SR Jindal Scholarship application form along with a few other documents. The following is a list of crucial documents:

  1. A photograph of the most recent exam passed
  2. Photograph of a mark sheet from a previous test, SSLC, or HSC
  3. Proof of date of birth (Aadhar card, SSLC admit card or any other)
  4. Annual fee receipt
  5. Certificate of attendance under the merit quota
  6. Certificate from the dormitory warden (for those who live there)
  7. Family income certificate (valid for no more than 4 years after it is issued)
  8. Disability certificate for students with physical disabilities.
  9. Professional/Former Service Employee Windows & Ex-Serviceman I-Card 

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Application Form

The goal of the Jindal Scholarship application procedure is to find worthy applicants who fit the requirements and have a promising academic future. The Sitaram Jindal Foundation's stringent screening process guarantees impartiality and openness. An outline of the Jindal Scholarship selection procedure is provided below:

  1. Application Submission: Interested individuals must submit their scholarship applications Within the allotted period. Usually, the Sitaram Jindal Foundation's official website has the application forms. 
  2. Application Screening: Each application that is submitted is carefully screened. The foundation examines the applications to ensure they are accurate and fulfill all standards.
  3. Document Verification: The foundation confirms the legitimacy of the documents that the candidates have submitted following the first screening. This stage aids in verifying eligibility and the supporting paperwork submitted.
  1. Evaluation of Academic Performance: One of the most important parts of the selection process is assessing the applicants' academic performance. To determine the candidates' merit, the foundation reviews their academic records, including the scores from their prior qualifying exams. 
  2. Review by the Selection Committee: A group of seasoned educators and experts examines the applications & formsa shortlist of candidates based on the academic records, meeting the requirements for eligibility, and other pertinent information.
  3. Interview (if applicable): The shortlisted applicants can get an invitation to an interview under specific circumstances. The interview offers the selection committee a chance to speak with the candidates, evaluate their communication ability, and learn more about their objectives and aspirations.
  4. Final Selection: The scholarship beneficiaries are ultimately chosen based on the evaluation as a whole, which considers their academic standing and, if relevant, their interview. The Sitaram Jindal Foundation  scholarship notifies the chosen candidates using their contact information. 

It is significant to remember that depending on the category and course for which the scholarship is offered, the selection procedure may change slightly. The Sitaram Jindal Foundation  scholarship guarantees a rigorous and equitable screening procedure to find worthy candidates who will gain from the scholarship program and succeed academically.

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Contact Number

Information on how to get in touch with the Sitaram Jindal Foundation: phone: +91-80-2371-7777 / 78 / 79 / 80; email:; address: Sitaram Jindal Foundation Jindal Nagar, Tumkur Road, Bangalore – 560 073

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Official Website

The official website for the Sitaram Jindal Scholarship can be accessed at the following link: This website provides detailed information about the scholarship programs offered by the Sitaram Jindal Foundation. Students can visit the site to learn about eligibility criteria, application procedures, important dates, and more.

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Last Date

The last date to apply for the Sitaram Jindal Scholarship is 31st December 2024. This deadline marks the cutoff for submitting applications for the scholarship program offered by the Sitaram Jindal Foundation. Students interested in availing of this opportunity should ensure that their applications are completed and submitted before this specified date.

Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Amount

The Sitaram Jindal Scholarship offers a generous amount of ₹ 2,500 per month to support students in their educational pursuits. This financial aid can make a significant difference in covering your academic expenses, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the scholarship offered by the Sitaram Jindal Foundation?

Under this program, students can apply from class 11 until after graduation. Financial aid is offered under this program up until the post-graduation stage.

What is the scholarship program of the Sitaram Jindal Foundation?

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation scholarship is intended to help students who cannot afford to pay for their higher education. In addition, this plan will lower the dropout rate.

In what way will the scholarship money be awarded?

The recipient's bank account will receive the scholarship through a direct benefit transfer method. Adhaar should be connected to the beneficiary's bank account.

How can I apply for the Scholarship Sitaram Jindal?

Online and offline both applications are accepted for this program by beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can visit the Sitaram Jindal Foundation to apply offline.

What is the Sitaram Jindal Scholarship's official website?

The official website can be accessed at

What is the Sitaram Jindal Scholarship deadline?

You must apply for this scholarship by the session's conclusion, December 31, 2024, although there is no deadline.

Can students from other countries apply for the Jindal Scholarship?

Yes, students from India and other countries can apply for the Jindal Scholarship.

If my initial application for the Jindal Scholarship is rejected, may I reapply?

If you still match the eligibility requirements, you can reapply in the following years if you are not chosen the first time.

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